Ormskirk, Greetby Hill Primary School c.1955

Ormskirk, Greetby Hill Primary School c.1955

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Memories of Ormskirk, Greetby Hill Primary School c1955

Children's Convalescent Home Green Lane Ormskirk

As a 10 year old child in 1959, I had a problem with my eyes, crusty and red-rimmed and sore looking. I lived in the outskirts of Liverpool, and thinking the sea air would cure me, our GP sent me to a children's convalescent home in Ormskirk. I feel certain it was in Green Lane. The Home seemed to be very big to me as a small child. There was only one ward I seem to remember, with tiny babies from 6 months old up to 6 years on one side of the ward, and 6 years and older on the opposite side. My father and sister took me home after only 3 days because I was extremely unhappy although I was well looked after. Would it have been Quarry Mount? I have seen that name mentioned in the ...Read full memory

A memory of Ormskirk by Chris Mills

My First School

My family moved to Ormskirk in 1960 when I was three. My father was starting a teaching course at Edge Hill and we lived in a flat over the coal board (next door to Clarks Shoes) in Church Street. Our surname was Byard back then. I started school at Greetby Hill, early, when I was only four, in January 1961. From the beginning I hated school - when mum and I got to the school gate (we used the path that crossed the whole of the playing field, from the back), I would start dragging on her arm and screaming not to go. My teacher was I think, Mrs Jackson. I remember she was kind and had a big nose! She taught us to knit and I remember having to drink warm milk with straws out of 1/3 pint glass bottles; they had been ...Read full memory

Country Dancing!

1959-1963 - I remember my teachers - Miss Newall, Mr Parkinson, Mr Glazer and finally Mr Hesketh (class 4A1); and the Headmaster, whose name I thought was Harrison, but others remember him as Henderson, so perhaps I am wrong. He taught us country dancing, which I loved enormously. I also loved singing in Mr Sellary's choir (home-made pink check gingham frocks for the girls), and we won a few competitions, I think. I didn't use the entrance pictured, but the one down the road nearer to the station. We lived in Ruff Lane then, near Ruff Wood.

A memory of Ormskirk by Rachel Duerden

Greetby Hill School.

I moved to Ormskirk in the 1960s from St Helens. My name was then Whitehead - one not to be forgotten! I remember Mr Henderson, he was a gentle man. I loved my class teacher Mrs Sykes, she read lovely stories at the end of each day - I looked forward to this time, which is maybe why I adore reading now. I wonder if anyone remembers our Christmases there? We'd polish our desks with polish we had bought from home, and we we would have a party - the dinner ladies used to come round to the classes with huge pots of tea and sandwiches and jellies in little paper dishes. After we had eaten our fill we would all go to the hall and watch a film - my favourite was Norman Wisdom, still a favourite! Oh how I would ...Read full memory

A memory of Ormskirk by Kathryn Brady

Early School Years

My name is Andrea Parkinson. I was born in 1962, I went to Greetby Hill Primary School until I was 9 years old. The swimming pool was not ready when I left. My headmaster at the time was Mr Pilkington (I think). My family moved to South Australia under the 'ten pound pom' scheme. I now live in Western Australia but have fond memories of my early school days. I use to live at 12 Elm Place, Ormskirk.

Great Memories

Going back to days when the smimming pool opened at the junior school, Mr Henderson was the head and Mr Hesketh deputy.  My teacher was Mr English. We also had a great soccer team that I played in. I live in New Zealand in a place called Henderson.

A memory of Ormskirk by Mark Ratcliffe

Starting At School

I clearly remember starting at Greetby Hill C of E School in 1960. The headmistress' name was Miss Cobb. I then moved up into the Junior School in 1962, taught in succession by Miss Greenwood, Mr Tyndsley and Mr Hesketh. The headmaster was a benevolent man by the name of Mr Henderson. I can recall the steam trains running up and down the line parallel to the school grounds, and watching the prototype TSR2 test flying overhead in 1964.  Very happy memories!

A memory of Ormskirk by Phil Angus
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