Memories of Orpington

Trolly Trip To The Operating Theatre

In the early 50's aged about 7, Dr. Ebbsworth admitted me to Orpington hospital for the removal of my tonsils and adenoids. I remember being dressed in a white gown and bed socks and was taken on a trolly and put into an ambulance and driven a short distance to the operating area. I was very concerned ...Read full memory

A memory of Orpington by 84anniemac

Orpington High Street

My grandparents ran The Orpington Cafe in the 50's and I have many memories of being there. At the rear and to one side was a sort of wasteland area, great fun to explore. At the time my parents lived in Derry Downs, St Mary Cray and helped with the family business.. My sister and I attended Chislehurst Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Orpington by 84anniemac

Open Air Trip On A Trolley To The Operating Theatre

I'm not exactly sure what year I was an in-patient at Orpington Hospital, so 1957 or 1958 seems most likely. I was at Vine Road, Primary School, in the Juniors probably. I had to have an operation on my Tonsils and Adenoids. To get to the Operating Theatre, I remember I was bundled up ...Read full memory

A memory of Orpington

Orpington,Snow And Warren Road School

My family lived in Orpington Kent from 1959 to 1964. I was 5 when we left. We lived in Repton Road. It snowed so heavily one year(62/3?) that a train was stuck at the top of the embankment above our house.The snow came to the top of my legs. Once I went into the High Street with my mother and there ...Read full memory

War Years

We lived first in Vinson Close, then in Glencorse in the High Street, next door to the Commodore. My friends included Eric Cox, who lived opposite in a flat over the undertaker's; Les Forrow, whose father was manager of a grocer's shop further down the High Street (Goodrich's?). We went to the Palace Cinema (Bughutch) on ...Read full memory

Greengrocers Stall, High Street

This pictures reminds me so much of my childhood. My father had the greengrocers stall which was outside the White Hart pub, partially obscured by the man on the bicycle. As a child I used to help out; I remember washing dirty sooty celery in icy cold water on Sunday mornings so that it could be sold as ...Read full memory

A memory of Orpington

Happy Days Of Crescent Way In The 1960's

My family lived at 3 Downsway just off Southlands Avenue.  I had two older brothers when we arrived and by 1966 I had two more and a sister. My older brothers and I attended Warren Road Primary and I remember many of my old teachers and classmates.  My mother used to shop in Crecent Way ...Read full memory

Crescent Way & Beyond

My parents, sister Barbara and me, Brian, moved into 14 Oakleigh Gardens in 1938. Shortly afterwards Barbara and me enrolled at Warren Road School (the year it opened). Everything was perfect until 1939 when the Second World War broke out. We were too young to understand and headmaster Mr Stevens and his fantastic staff ...Read full memory

Haunted House

I grew up in Foxbury Drive and went to Vine Road Primary when the uniform was green and yellow. Headmaster was called Mr Ayres I think, I remember a teacher called Mr Swatton who saved my life in the playground by getting an ambulance quickly when I was stung on the throat by a wasp, have a life time allergy now to their ...Read full memory

A memory of Orpington by Linda Ross

Orpington Mystery 1960s

Hi there, I'm trying to verify a memory relatiing to a haunted house! Does anyone remember hearing of a builder who suffered an accident while working on a property in Dalton Way in the 1960's? Please contact me if you do, it could help a girl to resolve a puzzle which has haunted her for many years.

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