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London Inn c1960, Othery
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I was born in North Lane on a farm in 1951 spent all of my childhood in Othery and left the village in 1974. I have got fond memories.

My Home

The Village c1955, Othery
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I was born in the third house along on this photo and I like to think that the child in the photo next to the telegraph pole is in fact me. My Mum and Dad had six of us children and quite often my Mother would be looking after an elderly relative as well, it beats me how we all used to fit.

I used to have this photo once upon a time I bought it from the local Post Office as a post card but I lost it years ago it's lovely to be able to get another copy.

There are twelve houses in the row now as they must have built two more in the late fifties and six more in the sixties.

With Regards


Memories of Somerset

Middlezoy Manor? Question.

Please, does anyone from the area know about Middlezoy Manor? I assume it no longer exists... am having difficulty discovering its fate, or much by way of more modern reference to the property. Our interest is due to the fact our mother's ancestors owned it some time circa 1720. Family name Loving. Thank you to anyone who might be able to tell us a little something about Middlezoy Manor.

The Bakery Stores, Post Office

I was born in 1943, I don't remember much until school years at Burrowbridge Primary, head teacher was Mr Brazier. My father used to be 'Jack of all trades', he used to recharge the old accumulaters, run the bakery, he used to make pop, Mother ran the shop and Gran used to run the post office and telephone exchange. Me and my brothers used to bake bread, make cakes and do deliveries, and my sister helped Mum.

Those Lovely Days

These days Greylake's claim to fame is the council tip where people get rid of their rubbish, but when I was a little girl it was one of the greatest places in the world to me. If you go a couple of fields past the tip and look through the gateways you will come to a gate where nothing grows properly in a strip down the field. This is where the drove led down to two houses that belonged to my Granny Frampton and her brother Jimmy Martin. By the time I was born my Grandad and Jimmy were dead so I didn't know too much about them, apart that Grandad lost a hand in a threshing machine. One thing that always struck me as outstandingly different about the houses was the fact that every little bit of water that they used had to be fetched down the lane from the standpipe at the top and of course there was no electric or indoor plumbing. My Gran lived with my Uncle and a grandson... Read more

Happy Childhood Memories

I moved with my family to 1 Fountain Cottages, High Ham when I was 2 years old. I have wonderful memories of playing and exploring the village in the hot summers and harsh winters. I remember the only visits we had to the local pub "The Kings Head" were to see the doctor who had a room there that he used as his surgery once a week. I also remember my Dad coming home from a night at the Kings Head with a hesian sac containing a piglet that he had bought that night proving that in this village it was as if time had stood still. The school also gave me fond memories but this was very sadly knocked down and rebuilt in the late 80's. I think myself very fortunate to have spent part of my childhood in such a fantastic place. Sandra (nee Wall)

Walnut Cottage

My Grandparents ran the post-office at Moorland when I was young, we used to visit every Sunday. I loved the atmosphere and the peacefulness of the village. My grandad was Charles Kitch, also named 'Fido', but I can't find out why. Does anyone out there know? Walnut Cottage is very much the same as I remember, and the orchard where pigs and chickens were kept had an abundance of apple trees, especially Morgan sweets. Most of my family seemed to originate from that area, those were the days. I also remember how high the canal used to be, scary as a child. I used to pick blackberries with my cousin who lived with my gran. I'm doing my family tree, I have come across a Kitch Drove and wondered how that came about, also Kitch bridge. If anyone can help I would be delighted, and most grateful. Linda Kitch

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