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Swimming in Wharfemeadows Park

Wharfemeadows Park c1960, Otley
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Ha ha, I remember them times!.. As I remember you, Sharon. We have a page going on Facebook at the moment, talking about old memories and buildings that have gone, but are not forgotten.

Summer Visits

I was regularly sent to stay with my Aunty Rene Hunter who lived on the Crossways in Otley in the 60s.
I have many great memories of the summer months here.
I made friends who i have never met again since, and i often wonder what happened to them.,
Names like Ian Hughes,from a large family, and Elaine,who lived at 3 the Oval.
Wharfedale park, the Wear, walking up Prince Henry rd that seemed to go on for ever.
Happy days. Chris


I arrived in Otley in October 1947 as a member of R.E.M.E. My recollection is vague, as I was only there for two or three weeks in what was known as a Holding and Mobilizing camp for troops prior to, or returning from, overseas. The camp was on the side of a hill in Nissen (not Nissan) huts which were bitterly cold and we slept with our uniforms on. While waiting for reassignment, our days consisted of parading on the cinder car park, to be split in two halves. One half cleaned the huts and the other went on a route march which ended in a cafe owned by our sgt major and we switched over in the afternoons ! I recall a movie house that charged nine pence also a library where we could have a nap in the warmth. I seem to recall that there was a pub on every corner and often one in between. Last year (2011) I... Read more

The Best Memories

I was born in Otley hospital as were most from Guiseley and all around. In 1969 I was posted there as a police officer and stayed until 1974. My daughter was born there in 1972 and my dad died there on his 81st birthday. I know every alleyway and every warm heating outlet at 2am... and of course the doughnut bakery down Bridge Street. Last night I found that my two Sergeants died in the 1990s and life is going fast! I live in the beautiful Cascade Mountains in Washington State now but I come back to Otley (The Junction) 3 times a year. There is something about the place. I owned an Austin Devon 1947 when I lived there and that would be much older than the cars on these photos. I put a ticket on Jimmy Saville's car at Cross Green - no tax disc ! Otley is real. Not nice, not nasty, just real. Poor but happy I was - in Otley. When I come back... Read more

Otley's Outdoor Swimming Pool

The memory relates to one of at the year mentioned of a teenage secret shared with only a selected few, whom are long lost good school friends who I can recall enjoyed the secret night-time swimming in the outdoor pool. As innocent as we were then, I'm so glad we never got caught, as I'm sure most others maybe wouldn't have found our night-time swims quite as innocent at all,. I do wonder why. Does anyone in Otley remember? Come on, be brave, I'd love to hear from you or best refraise THE SELECTED FEW ha.


It's not really memory but a request. I come from Bedlington in Northumberland and have found out my grandfather was born in Otley on 24/03/1901. He was born in 16 Burras Lane. Today I visited with only this scant information and I was fortunate to see it was still as least a street but the house gone, although the church closeby was more than beautiful. Does anyone have any pics of the houses on that lane? Or memories of them ?

Otley Revisited

I'd visited Otley the town in the 1960s, walking and rockclimbing as a lad of 18 /20 with friends I met at work in the woollen mills of Bradford and Shipley. My first memory is of looking down from the Chevin to this beautiful view of Otley. My new girlfriend Rosemary Finn and I had walked from Yeadon one summer evening 1958/9. We were both 16 year olds and enthralled with the view. In 2005 I again visited Otley and the Chevin on a holiday from Australia and found the view more enthralling than the first time I was there, especially as I was there with my mum at 90 years of age, and still going strong. What memories I have of Otley and the Chvin and my home of Yorkshire. I'm coming home again SOON ... I remember all my mates from Hutton secondary school too, do you?? ... and the Yorkshire puddings ...

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