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The Boat House c1939, Parkgate

The Boat House c1939, Parkgate

The Boat House c1939, Parkgate Ref: P255010

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The Parade 1965, Parkgate
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I grew up in Parkgate. Now reside in California where I have lived since 1981. I believe the grocery store which is now an art gallery was Howes and Mr Chow's was Prossors store. Remember buying sweets from 'Mr Dooley'. Anyone remember him?

Ice Cream

The Parade 1965, Parkgate
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Used to often go there for a drive on a Sunday, get an ice cream and walk along the prom.

The Little Ice Cream Shop

The little ice cream shop next to the Copper Grill has the best ice cream in Parkgate. I have been going there for about 25 years. I love Parkgate, it's a lovely place now and always has been.

The Parade

The Parade 1965, Parkgate
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This is the stretch of the Parade past the Donkey Stand and Balcony House, the Copper Grill restaurant is in sight before Little Lane at the side of the famous Nicholl's ice cream shop. The Copper Grill is now some kind of tandoori, I'm fairly certain it was still the Copper Grill in the 1980s - it changed to The Lobster Grill in the 1990s.

Next to the Copper Grill was a shop called 'The Green Bottle', I'm not sure what it sold, but not surprisingly had a big green bottle in the window! It's now Nicholl's only other ice cream competitor in Parkgate, the lady who owns it also used to own 'The Doughnut Shop' next to Mealors near Parkgate Stores.  

The Doughnut Shop is now some kind of art gallery, as a kid I can remember it being a grocers. Back then there was a 'Chevron' garage on Parkgate front where the old folk luxury flats are now and Mr Chow's was simply 'The China... Read more

Connah''s Quay Power Station And The Salt Marsh Reclamation Project

The Beach c1939, Parkgate
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DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE ALL THE SAND AT PARKGATE AND HESWALL WENT TO? and does anyone have any memories of how the Salt Marsh has changed since the first land/salt marsh reclamation scheme was launched (so I've been told) in the 1930s? Does anyone remember the building of Connah's Quay Power Station in 1950, does anyone remember seeing the sand dredger being used to build the foundations for the new power station plant (in 1950) and how did the AEA/CEGB salt marsh reclamation project effect Parkgate beach and the estuary?

Family Memories.

I was amazed and delighted to see a photograph of my mother and grandmother.
Nearest the camera is my grandmother, Mrs Archie Turner (1892-1974) who lived in Whitford Road, Birkenhead. Next to her is her eldest daughter, my mother, Mrs Clifford Bolt (1916-2003) who lived in Arthur Street, Birkenhead. They would both have been tickled pink to see themselves in print and famous!

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