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Memories of Penywaun

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Mid Glamorgan memories

Cwmdare 1949

My parents lived in Cwmdare briefly in 1949 when I was only a baby. Dad was Edward Williams and his wife Margaret (she came from Kent). I have relatives in Hirwaun who I stayed with. I have photos of the countryside only but guess we lived in colliery houses as dad was a miner. Dad was born in Gamlyn Terrace (Hirwaun) in 1923 and had a brother Austin. Does anyone know which streets were colliery houses at that time, and did anyone know my parents then?

Visiting Maescynon

My grandparents lived in Maescynon for many, many years.  I have fond memories of going up the farm for fresh eggs.  Walking with my Nana to help her at the co-op and then stopping at Mrs Bray's for sweets.  My grandfather's garden was full of beautiful red roses.  He worked all his life at the Tower Collery. I still can see him coming home in the mornings covered in coal... One of our most treasured pieces of family history is his coal miners lamp that is displayed proudly in our main hallway.  
Hirwaun is never far from my heart, each time I go home I make a point of driving up to their old house which I might add they vacated probably 20 years ago.  A trip home would never be the same without making this drive...

Tramway Hirwaun

I lived in the Tramway at the lower end probably No.2 with my parents and my great-grandparents. My Dadchu worked in the tower as a coal-miner and was a Deacon, and well thought of in Hirwaun, I am told. My parents, Gordon and Gwyneth (granddaughter of my great grandparents); he worked at the Tower Colliery amongst other places like the Creamery, the Brickworks and postal worker (on horseback for coverage).

Happy Days in Tre Ifor, Llwydcoed

My grandfather William Forey and gran Nellie, moved to Tre Ifor, when they demolished Dare Street in Aberdare. I think it was around the 1930s or 40s. The whole street moved to these new houses, and most stayed there all their lives. My dad Richard John, or Jack as he was called, and his two sisters, Maud and Annie, born 1905, 1911, 1913. I knew most of the other families, but not by name, as I was quite young. The buses from Aberdare came into the streets and round "the ring" at the top of the road, then back to Aberdare. My grandad grew vegetables and flowers in the back garden, and the garden wall was brick and quite tall, backing on to some farmers field I think. I loved being picked up to sit on the wall and look over the other side! I remember they had a street party for the Coronation, and I have some old photos of the street. When... Read more

My Mother''s Family

My grandmother and grandfather were married in Aberdare in 1912 and settled in Trecynon at 1, Cynonside, where my mother was born in 1917. She left to get married in St John's Church, Aberdare from Cynonside in 1935. My brother was baptised at Robertstown Church in 1943. My grandfather, his youngest son and daughter in law are buried in Aberdare cemetery. Every year during my childhood we would holiday in the area and last year, after 20 years, I again spent a week there reliving my youth. The area is so different since the mines have gone and everywhere is so fresh and green and although born in England this place is very special to me.


I was born in 54 Mill Street, Trecynon. As was my sister, our mother and her brothers and sitsters. A little 2 down 2 up, stone cottage. It was on the top of the hill, and we could run down "the trip" as we called it, and play there, where there were fields and a stream. Or we could walk for a few minutes to Aberdare Park, where my father was Park Keeper. He used to call into the billiard club up the street on the way home for a game, and I remember having to go in there to tell him to get home for tea! I was only 6! The local grocer, Jones's, was a few doors away from there, and opposite was a tiny little sweet shop we called 'Yuddels'. I think we were told he was a Jew, which explained the funny name! He was a small ,stout, friendly man. Of course we had rations then so sweets were very special. We went... Read more


The Park Lake 1937, Aberdare
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There used to red squirrels in the park. Stan, my husband, went to a children's home nearby, he went boating and they used to have motor bike racing there in August. He is now 68.

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