Petersfield, Station Road 1898

Petersfield, Station Road 1898

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Memories of Petersfield

Churchers College Petersfield

I was a at school as a boarder at Churcher's College from 1945 to 1951. The immediate post war years in England were a time of great hardship and rationing. I remember vividly the bad winter of 1947, when ...Read full memory

Churchers Cadet Corps

Thinking of my time in the aforesaid Cadet corps I clearly remember an exercise on the Heath when we were playing soldiers. To make things realistic we were using thunderflashes. Unfortunately the weather was hot and ...Read full memory

A memory of Petersfield by Denis Payne


This starts in 1938 when I was taken by my mother and ended up having tea with Bill Hogarth - Chinese tea, horrid. That September I started in Form One to be loudly proclaimed by Bill 'a dunderhead' as I could not understand ...Read full memory

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This is the junction of Chapel Street with a now widened Tilmore Road. The cottage on the left still exists, although now substantially altered. The sign by the people on the footpath advertises Woods, Coal & Coke Merchants, later to become 'Punch' Mullard's builder's yard and presently, Spinningfield House flats.