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Little Switzerland c1960, Petersfield

Little Switzerland c1960, Petersfield

Little Switzerland c1960, Petersfield Ref: P48026

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This starts in 1938 when I was taken by my mother and ended up having tea with Bill Hogarth - Chinese tea, horrid. That September I started in Form One to be loudly proclaimed by Bill 'a dunderhead' as I could not understand Latin and most of the class had come through the prep school where it was taught. The result a hatred of languages since then. Held back in Form One I went with my mother and sister to Malta where Dad served in the Navy. We were evacuated from Malta two weeks before Italy declared war but could not get back into our own home, so for the remainder of that school year I was at Loughborough College. Returning to Churcher's for the start of the 1940 - 41 year I stayed there till 1946. Emanuel School had been evacuated from London and used the classrooms in the afternoon while we had them in the morning. They played sport or had Cadet Corp in the morning whilst we... Read more

Churchers Cadet Corps

Thinking of my time in the aforesaid Cadet corps I clearly remember an exercise on the Heath when we were playing soldiers. To make things realistic we were using thunderflashes. Unfortunately the weather was hot and dry with the result that the "bangers" set fire to the gorse and bracken and the exercise had to be abandoned. Red faces among the staff, great amusement among the cadets.

Churcher's College - Petersfield

I was a at school as a boarder at Churcher's College from 1945 to 1951. The immediate post war years in England were a time of great hardship and rationing. I remember vividly the bad winter of 1947, when Heath Pond froze over and we all went ice skating on it. I remember the hilarious scenes of ducks trying to land on the ice and skidding out of control. The following are a portion of my memoirs of life at Churcher's during that period.

School Years - Churcher’s College -  1945 - 1951

In September of 1945 mother and I travelled down to Petersfield so she could enroll me in school. Churcher’s College was founded in 1722 by the will of a Richard Churcher who made his fortune in the East India Company and left money to educate a number of boys in the Village of Petersfield. His very specific intentions were expressed in his Will. The College was to provide free board and lodging... Read more

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