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Pickmere Boating Lake

My wife came across John Baylies memories of Jack Spence. I was the little lad who also helped bring water from the spring. I only lived over the fields and was always down the lake, I remember the rowing boats blue & white ones. The Royal Iris was a large boat, it took day trippers around the lake for a shilling. People came from miles around to enjoy the countryside and the fun of the fair. In those days it was a hive of activity with the many clubs & pubs to enjoy. There also was Cheathams Cafe and the home-made Harry Hassles ice cream. People sun bathed on the slope looking down on the lake and if you wanted there was a chip shop only a short walk down the lane, all cooked by calor gas. I watched all this as I was doing little chores around the boat house as a young lad. Little did I know I would meet my wife there some years later as her... Read more

My Gran & Grandad Jack Spencer

Jack & Unice Spencer were my grandparents, they owned the boats on Pickmere Lake. My life after the war was idillic when living with them, thousands flocked from Salford & Manchester to camp, fish and row my grandad's boats. We charged 2 bob an hour, 10p in to-days money. On a Saturday, before dark, I used to row across the lake putting eel lines out with my grandad, then on a Sunday, row out to collect the missing bungs, always with a huge eel on the line that we skinned and cooked to eat and the skins used for grandad's rheumatism. We collected water from a spring in the field as we had not water or electricity. Everything was cooked on a large cast iron range in the front room, even the irons were warmed on it to iron the bed sheets. We had chickens, gooseberry trees, veg plot, mint, sage, rubarb and all sorts of, I could tell some wonderful tales of my... Read more

Summers Holidays Were Invented For Fishing

I remember as a small kid growing up in England I couldn't wait for the summer holidays to arrive.  As the days drew closer I could hardly sleep at night knowing that any day now we would be packing our suitcases and heading to the caravan site for the whole summer, 6 weeks without any school,life was just great.
When the big day arrived we headed out of our house to the bus stop to catch the number 14 bus to Pickmere (back in the early seventies we didn't have a car, noboby did at least
not in the council estate in Manchester where we grew up). We were poor and didn't know it, we were happy. I remember getting on that bus to Pickmere like it was yesterday,the smell of old leather seats and old ladies hair spray and all the men would wear Old Spice and have their hair slicked back with Brylcream.
As the bus pulled out of the bus stop my brother Russell and I... Read more

Wall Hill Cottage - Frog Lane

The Pond c1955, Pickmere
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I used to live in the house opposite the farm called Wall Hill Cottage. I remember picking the damsons from the trees lining the path and sell them to passers by. My parents renovated the cottage from a very run down state then we moved away around 1985/6. When we owned the property we had a large garden and had two donkeys in a paddock at the end. I visited recently (13-Mar-2011) and the cottage hasn't changed much. However the garage my dad built has gone and been replaced by a wooden building and I believe the paddock part of the garden is no longer owned by the cottage. The farm building opposite are now all converted to properties but I remember when their front room was a pig sty!

Remebering Pickmere

The Lake c1955, Pickmere
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I remember long bus rides to my Auntie Molly and Uncle Harry's house, going with my grandad, who was well known around there - He is who I'm trying to gain information of, as my son is interested in his Great Grandad. I have a paper cutting with Samuel Yarwood on Pickmere Lake rowing, a very tranquil picture, and I remember the long days I spent in Auntie Molly's garden picking fruit and apples from her trees, the smell of fresh baked bread and pies, and riding bareback on horses at a local farm. Can anyone remeber Samuel Yarwood? He was an ex soldier in the Cheshire Regiment, he fought in both wars, joined the Police Force and became Det Inspector of the Manchester Police Force, later a publican, a lovely tall, interesting man. If there is anyone with any information please contact me on

Wall Hill Farm, Pickmere

The Pond c1955, Pickmere
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The name of the farm on the right of the photo is Wall Hill Farm, it was my dad's farm until he died in 1979.  My auntie used to live in the Blacksmith's cottage across the road opposite until she passed away.

Going to School at G.B.  1940

The Pond c1955, Pickmere
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In the forties, we would cycle past this pond on the left then turn left towards Gt Budwarth [think that's how you spell it], passing a small woodland with sandy banks, eventually arriving at Gt Budworth, down an avenue of trees to the school on the rightl and the Church on the left. I recall a Wishing Well at the bottom of the hill past the Post office.
   Mrs Dishman, taught the little ones, she was lovely. The Vicker also every day told us a story about God and Jeasus, at lunch time my friend Joyce Dean and I would hop over the Church wall and put flowers on the graves, somtimes wild ones that grew on places where no one weeded, or maybe borrowing the odd flower from a grave thet had lots [saying a small prayer to make it o.k. with any interested spirit who might be watching].

Brenda Burton of Holly Cottage

The Pond c1955, Pickmere
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It was either 1939 or 1940 when we moved into Holly Cottage, I was two years old, there was a  thatched roof and it had been two houses semi det, very primitive, dirt flooring, with a huge stone and I really mean big -  THE STONE COULD NOT BE MOVED we were told, as many people had tried in the past. As the house was over 400 years old we decided to live with it, and my Dad [Erny Burton] tiled around it. There was a largish fire place not far from the stone, an open staircase and upstairs we slept in a bedroom with the underside of the thatch showing.  Coming downstairs again there was a back door which led you down, by way of a small path to the Lav [as it was then referred to].  
 The Lav was covered in ivy and there was a long wooden seating arrangement with two holes, one  for mums and dads and a smaller one for little girls, like... Read more

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