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Plains memories

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School in Whiterigg And Plains

I remember most of the teachers at St David's, Whiterigg. I started in 1952 with Miss Quinn, Rose McGuire, Miss O'Regan, Mrs Murray, Mrs Downie, Mr Barron, Leo McGeachan and Mr McShane. We then moved to Plains and Gerry Hughes, Mrs Reilly (music teacher, Miss Murray (art teacher) and Eddie Drummond a young science teacher. We lived in the prefabs at 11 Arden Street next to Davie Rintoul, Mary Kane, Charlie Burns, Henry Lafferty, Bridget Quinn, Wallace Rideout, Tommy Tobin, The Wallaces, John O'Hagan, Pete Kane and Davie Penman,etc. My father's cousin, John Reilly, co-wrote a book with Eddie Devlin and Hugh Lucas called "the lost villages" which I have a copy of. The photo on the front of the book was taken at the finger post in Whiterigg, next to the school and featured Joseph O'Neil, Mary Gilooley, Neil Gilooley and James Gilooley who was in my class all through school.

A Walk From The Plains on A Sunday,,

A few of us used to do the this walk on most Sundays. We used to meet at Bins Coalyard. Coming in to Plains from Clarkstone, we walked in to Plains, turn right past the signal box across the railway, over Calder Burn, up past Easter Moffet Golf Course ( were I used to live ) on to the junction. Turning left takes you to Plains Brickworks, turn right to Springbank Quarry past the Moffet Mills (where I worked) - you come out were Gimmercroft Farm is. Turn right past the Mull, I think the primary school - Moffet Mills Primary School, across the road was a small swing park next to the Co-op. Then by Old Bob Farm past Easter Moffet hospital and on to Maries chip shop in Clarkston. Almost a round route, of course it was fun all the way - Its amost 55 years and the memory is not so good but I think its correct...will add more... Read more

The Wee Bus to Whiterigg School And The Perils of Long Division.

The bus stopped in Wallace Street and we all piled on, Ann-Marie McCormack, Keiran O'Neil, Joseph O'Neil, Nora Brennan. Nora's Aunty Kate lived right next to where the bus stopped and if it was cold or raining we sheltered in the lee of her house until the bus arrived. Miss Quinn was the infant teacher, with Rose McGuire in Year Two then Mrs Murray. There was a Mrs Reagan somewhere along the line but I can't quite place her classroom. I do remember just about all of my neighbours in Jarvie Avenue. Peter Bailley, Joe, Rena, Isa Lambie. The McPheats, the Stewarts. Someone on another post mentioned the new houses being built. Anniesland View was the first row to go up if I remember correctly. And like the previous poster, I remember visiting Morton's farm for milk one cold wet morning. Mother had given me a big white enamel jug and as I walked into the muddy farm yard there was a stall with a huge bull snorting at me. I remember walking up Meadowhead... Read more

Bruce St.

I remember moving from Caldercruix to the new scheme and it was great to have a bath in the house!!! They hadn't laid paths or put up fences but everyone was so pleased to get a new house it didn't matter. They started building more houses accross the road and Annieshill View that building site was our playground I don't think Health & Safety had been heard of then!!! Wen they did start putting up fences for our back gardens there was a load of stobs left overnight and we kids proceeded to build a log cabin which was taken down the next day by the fencers. I also remember going to St. David's School in Whiterigg and several buses picked us up at Wallace Street and if you missed the bus you had to walk to the school which was really quite enjoyable on a dry day. I remember getting milk from a farm, I think it was Morton's, but you had to take your own container. I... Read more


I remember the prefabs. I lived at Learigg Terrace from 1948 till about 1957 when we moved to the new houses in Livingston Drive. I can also remember Mortons Farm before the new houses were built, I think it was where the shops are now. My first school was Whiterigg.

Memories of Lanarkshire

Garvie Family

I was born in1950 we lived above the family chip shop which also had a sit in area this is now where the betting shop is next was mcgills sweet shop then McCormack the newsagents which was a wooden hut it burnt down I thing it was around 1959 it burnt down one day and we search for coins and found a few
Next shop was mcgills wool shop round the corner was a barbers and brethren hall we sold the cafe in1960 as my mum had to look after my gran

Growing up in Whinhall Airdrie( Nee Mcguinness).

I remember going to the Duchess cafe at airdrie cross with moira mcluskey rosina mcaul and sheila Bradley in1956 We promised to meet there 10 years later, but i came to Canada, Moira to Massapequa New York, Sheila to Australia. Rosina stayed in Coatbridge. We all attended Elmwood Convent School in Bothwell. I worked in the Ministry of Pensions in Henderson, St Airdrie til 1960. Married James Wilson from Mavisbank St.


Was born in my grand fathers house 16 Hillview greengairs

Glenmavis Primary School

My name was Dorothy Nilsen, I fondly remember Glenmavis Primary School, in late 1950-1960s, and then on to Airdrie High. I lived in a little cottage, 205 Glenmavis Road, just past the Burn and before the first bus stop to the village. I remember wee pals like Elizabeth, Aileen, Jennifer, Margaret and Ian, wee Archie and Willie Wilson. I eventually got a push-bike, and I'd get out to other villages and places just for exploring, adventure and picnics, growing up the village that somehow organised bus trips to Edinburgh and Hamilton and Motherwell, all to do with ice skating or similar.
We played in the surrounding fields and woods, had a post office/sweetie shop, Co-op, a newsagent that did frozen Jubilees, and a chip shop that always seemed to clean his fat out on a Monday.
I've got a couple of pictures, me and the whole class at Glenmavis School maybe 1961-63ish and a lovely one of a gorgeous collie dog Elizabeth and I used to walk for the... Read more

Personal Memories of A Child

I was born in 1942 and by the time I was five years old I has a brother and two sisters. My mum and dad used to send me up to Longriggend for weekends and holidays, probably because my mum was so busy with the other three and anyway I loved going to Longriggend to the house where my father was born. My grangmother lived at No 90 Main Street (the house is still there) and I spent many long happy holidays in that house. I particularly remember the hard winter of 1947 when I was up at my grandmother's for a weekend and got snowed in. I don't know how long I was there but the bulldozers came every night to clear the roads. I remember my Great-Uncle John telling me that the snow was up to the height of the telegraph poles all the way down telegraph road that led to Eastfield and Caldercruix. He was my dad's uncle and was the only person I knew who owned... Read more

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