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My Little County Down Village

Oct.1968 - April 1969

I remember stepping off the Ferry in  Belfast from England and meeting my father with my luggage at hand.  After loading my suitcases in his car. He treated  me to  my first Belfast breakfast and I must say it was the best I have ever tasted. We then headed out of Belfast to the coast to the final destination. In the village I was introduced to the Palmers at their boatyard.  We would then get the keys to the cottage where we would be renting from them which was just around the corner from the Palmers and just a short walk from the seashore.  This wonderful little cottage in this quaint little fishing village was a dream.  The cottage needed a little T.L.C.  but in no time with us living there we fitted in there like a glove so to speak!

Dad had come over from Scotland a few months before me to make a go of a fish filleting business there in Portavogie.... Read more

County Down memories

Good Old Days.

I was a boy 8 years of age when my family fled the bombing of Belfast to the small community of Cardy which is approx. 3 miles from Carrowdore on the road to Ballywalter. The year was 1940 and times were tough with worries of the war and little enough food to feed 11 hungry kids to feed. Mum with 3 sisters and 1 sister-in-law with 11 kids were all crammed into a small 2-room thatched cottage without running water, lighting by Aladdin lantern and the toilet was a small one-holer behind the house. During the winter months 'going potty' was only for the very brave or desperate. We had 2 large fireplaces with only the main one could be used since the second room was covered with beds from wall to wall. Our fireplace had the arm that swung over the fire and was the most over-used item in the house except for the potty. My sister June (Canada) brother Frank (California) and myself Joe (North Carolina) all went... Read more

Downs Road, Newcastle

I remember living in Downs Road, Newcastle at about 3 years old (1944). We lived in a house opposite a green and the sea beyond. When my younger sister was only a few months old, for some reason the night before, my mother put her in a different place in the bedroom. It's a good thing she did because that night the ceiling fell in and a huge lump of plaster was in the cot where her head would have been, I remember that incident. I remember starting school. It was a nearby school, I wonder if it is still there.? Also we had friends who lived in Newcastle, we visited one day and our friend had left his keys in his car just outside his house, the road was on a slight hill. I got into the car and set it going. Our friend saw the car going past his front window down the hill and shot out and stopped the car and dragged me out of the... Read more


I particularly remember the Mourne Mountains, stone walls and beautiful countryside my memories of my time there and my grandad are priceless.

Fond Memories of my Childhood in Holywood

One of my first memories was hiding underneath the sideboard in the dining room with silver ornaments on our heads; my sisters Judy, baby Michele and myself, Deirdre, listening to the bombs falling quite close to us. We wanted to go and see the 'fireworks', my Mother must have been petrified for our safety. Luckily they fell on the golf course across the road. We lived on the Demesne Road, in front was the golf links with grazing sheep and in the back field, cows. We played a lot in the back field, when there were no cows. Cowboys and Indians among the rushes, we collected frog spawn and we had small bonfires to be able to roast potatoes (sneaked out of the house) the best were the ones without tin foil. The back field is now a housing estate - 'white city' We also took short cuts over that field to Sullivan Upper School, when too late to cycle the road along and down My Ladies Mile.... Along the road... Read more

Home Again

Castle 1897, Carrickfergus
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I remember this shot very well. My dad had his fishing boat there, he would take us to Bangor for the day from this spot. To be sure some of you would remember Geordy McFall. My uncle Hammie Loughlin once gave me a beautiful night shot of the castle all lit up from this view, unfortunately apparently too beautiful as the picture was later stolen during a move. It is amazing to me to see this shot - makes me homesick!!!!!
Michelle Feist (McFall).


The Isle of Man Steamer, Fenella 1897, Belfast
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