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The White Horse

The White Horse c1955, Potter Street
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I was born in the "White Horse" on 7th October 1937. Mrs Woolard helped in the pub and looked after me when my Mum and Dad were busy. Mrs Woolard and her husband Alf lived on the other side of the Green. There were lots of her relatives in the village and everyone was very friendly. We moved to Hare Street, Great Parndon in the early 1940's and I started at Great Parndon Primary School which was near to St. Mary's Church. We used to walk to school across the fields from Hare Street. during the war (WW2) Nazi Germany dropped incendiary and high explosives (bombs) and some of the kids used to try to pull the unexploded bombs out of the holes in the ground where the tail fins of these small bombs stuck out of the ground. I remember some bold children throwing the bombs into the brook (Toddsbrook?) where a bridge crossed the stream. There was no traffic in those days, but there were two sandpits (quarries) with dragline cranes occasionally digging for sand and ballast near where we lived. I remember the milkman with his pony and trap. He brought the milk in a small churn, using a ladle to dip in and measure out our daily milk into a jug.
I do have a couple of pictures of my parents in the pub bar. Family historians are welcome to contact me at

Written by George Nicholson. To send George Nicholson a private message, click here.

A memory of Potter Street in Essex shared on Saturday, 17th March 2007.

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RE: The White Horse

I used to play darts in the White Horse back in 1970 with John Noble and Peter Walker.

Comment from Susan Willett on Friday, 29th March 2013.

RE: The White Horse

Hi Susan, Great to hear your memory of the White Horse. I found some medals won by my dad at darts. I didn't realise he had an unfair practicing advantage, having been the landlord (albeit 30 years before you played there). Best wishes, George.

Comment from George Nicholson on Friday, 29th March 2013.


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