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Princes End

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Princes End Bred

I was bought up in Princes End from the age of 6, my brother and parents are still there. It's a bit dilapidated now but was brilliant when I was young. The community was full of families where generations lived just streets away from each other. We all knew one another, we played in the streets and in the fields ... yes fields ... including the one across the road from my house with the pond in it which was drained and turned into a park (boring), we had a maze in there and a den, and we had a rope swing under Cox's Bridge across the old drained canal. What a childhood.

West Midlands memories

Owen Street

My dad was the sub postmaster of Tipton Green Post Office approximately from the years 1949-1961. I attended the local grammar school. Owen Street was then a thriving shopping area, so who remembers Mrs Yates the Newsagent at the railway end and the 2 almost identical sweet shops next door? And The Maypole, Harry Edge the barber (and Charlie of course), and Danks for your fish and chips? And Eades the chemist (who had a fabulous young assistant who I dated a few times), The Miners Arms and the Fountain for liquid refreshment and that poor man who sat in a chair on the pavement every day? Happy years but gone forever.

Owen Street, Tipton

I remember what Owen Street in Tipton was like. I myself used to work in Eades chemist, Tipton in the early 1970s. Tipton was full of shops then, next door to Eades chemist was a chip shop. Across the road was a hardware store and I remember Guest and Perrys, it was a clothes shop that would do credit for clothes. The shop owner was by the name of Joyce. And there was the Miners Arms pub...the good old days...wish I could turn the clock back.

Born And Bred

I was born in Great Bridge when it was a thriving centre. One could get absolutely anything there, from wet fish, tailored suits to model aeroplanes! I attended Tipton Grammar School, from 1962 to 67- which I hated. I remember a totally different Tipton from my youth - it always has been a poor area, but life was so much more pleasant in those days. Nowadays, all there seems to be are feral kids, takeaways and acres of one bedroomed flats. My best memories are of the people of the area.

Peel Street, Tipton

I lived in Peel Street in Tipton from 1950 till 1966 when we left to live in Australia, I also attended Tipton Primary School, then Tipton Grammar School from 1961 to 1965 but I also remember Owen Street quite well. I remember Mrs Yates from the newsagents, a member of her family looked after me while my parents both worked until I was old enough to look after myself after school, I used to call her Nanna White, she was the mom of Mrs Yates's daughter-in-law. I also remember Robert Yates and Elizabeth Yates. I worked in a little deli in Owen Street for a short time but can't remember the name of it though, so many years ago but good memories. I regret not keeping in touch with the family.

My Younger Days

I was born in Union Street in 1948. I had an older sister called Barbara. I lived next to the ex-servicemens club and there used to be such loud music played there in the evenings. I remember the paper shop on the corner, Sheldons and a sweet shop that sold blue minty ice lollies, Nelly's I think. I went to Manor park Infants, Tipton Green and Tipton Grammar. When I was 15 I used to visit my gran Mary Bowater in Waterloo Street. Had my first kiss with Robert Sherwood who lived next door. I also remember Barry Smith who gave me a ride on his moterbike. I worked in the Midland Bank in Owen Street from 1964 till 1974. I moved to Bloomfield Road when I was 7. I used to walk along the canal to Tipton Green school with friends, not sure how I ever got there on time because I always stopped to bowl over the iron railing bars. I remember Devis's the butchers' , I seem... Read more

Midland Bank Owen St

Brenda - I had an account with Midland Bank in Owen Street for most of the period that you worked there and used to visit the branch quite a lot - so I must have dealt with you a number of times. I had a good relationship there with the manager - whose name I've forgotten - and his assistant Steven Rowbottom. Steven was a splendid chap, always helpful. I read somewhere a few years later that he had committed suicide. Is that correct, and do you know anything about what happened to him?

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