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Growing up in Pudsey

Dont live in Pudsey any more but was born and brought up there. I lived on Laurel Mount off Richardshaw Lane. across from Farsley omnibus depot. I think there is an office block there now. There used to be Harold's fish shop, a grocery shop, a cobblers shop where we always used to buy our fireworks and then a timber yard. Where the by pass goes under Rikky Lane there used to be another grocers shop on the left and on the right was an old barn and all fields. Before the Grangefield Ind Estate was completed there were two dams in the fields belonged to the big mill which was fenced in and then there was the small one where we used to go tadpoling. I also notice on passing that my old infants school is now made into flats - Richardshaw Lane Infants. Moving on to the sixties brought different interests. Saturdays at Ma Porritts dancing school in Farsley, Saturday nights at Pudsey baths, where if you went outsiide you got your hand stamped by one of the Cromack brothers - the bouncers, then a quick walk round to the Butchers Arms for a couple of under age pints,where landlady Eileen and husband Les woulld stick us in the back room with the juke box and shut the door. Moving on again, there were four picture houses in our area at the time. The New Picture House, The Savoy, Pavillion and the Palace down Lowtown. If my memory is correct, the Palace was bought by the Purdys who owned the curtain shop in the market square, and they turned it into a club. I don't know how long it lasted but they put some decent turns on. I remember seeing the Four Pennies there when they were in the charts. I'm sure Hermans Hermits appeared there as well. I must mention my three best mates at the time, see if it jogs any memories, Stephen Pearson, Paul Dowgill and David Lawson. I hope they are still with us. Now we move on to work. My first job was down on Grangefield Ind Estate, loading wagons at Hanson Haulage, even before I finally left school. That brings me on to another piece of Pudsey history, I moved on to Hudsons of Pudsey. I enjoyed it there; Reggy and Harold Hudson were great to work for. With reference to a previous message on your site, regarding the Roker Lane Estate, the only families I recall on the estate were the Linnekers and the Aitkens. Signing off now. I'll follow on with more memories later.

Written by Paul Hutchinson. To send Paul Hutchinson a private message, click here.

A memory of Pudsey in West Yorkshire shared on Sunday, 8th April 2012.

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