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Reedham School

Reedham Orphanage 1903, Purley
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I attended Reedham School from 1957 for a couple of years. My father had pased away and my mother sent me to Reedham, our home was in Harrow, Middlesex. I have read some of the other memories, mine were different. I was physically punished by prefects and staff, made to stand in dark rooms for talking in bed at night, had mail withheld and to be honest I have no good memories of Reedham at all. I only ever remember being called by my number J16 and having my long hair cut off short when I arrived. I am pleased to hear from some people their memories were good ones and they feel fondly towards their days at Reedham. I wish I could feel the same. Susan

Written by Susan McDonald. To send Susan McDonald a private message, click here.

A memory of Purley in Surrey shared on Wednesday, 9th June 2010.

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RE: Reedham School

I have similar memories of Reedham - not good ones - and some very frightening for a young person removed from home and familiar surroundings. Not everyone seems to have the same experiences there and some are very defensive of the institution. I was there 1965/66, not for long, but I remember it clearly and with no affection at all. My thoughts and understanding go out to Susan who was there almost ten years before me but experienced it similarly.

Comment from Penny Joubert on Friday, 26th April 2013.


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