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Rainford Industrial Estate

Rainford Industrial Estate maps

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Rainford Industrial Estate books
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Memories of Rainford Industrial Estate

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Merseyside memories

Great Museum

Victoria Park c1955, St Helens
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There used to be a museum in the park with a huge stuffed tiger, the first time I ever saw it I nearly jumped out of my skin with fright. What a great park before they removed the boundary wall. I used to go stickleback fishing with a worm on a piece of thread and catching newts, great days as a kid living in St Helens. I'm now nearly 60 this year and have lived in London since running away from home at 15...where did the time go? I can remember it as if it was yesterday, even lying down to watch the fish.... count everyday there are not many!

St Von Tromp (Public House)

Church Street 1952, St Helens
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Hi there, just wondered if anyone knew any information or of any photos of a pub at 70 Church Street called The St. Von Tromp, which closed in December 1922? There would have also been a theatre/music hall in the area...?

If anyone can help it would very much appreciated.

Notre Dame Convent School, St. Helens

Church Street 1952, St Helens
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I used to attend the Notre Dame Convent School (or Grammar School, as it was sometimes called). I was from Warrington on an 11+ scholarship and had to travel in by bus every morning - then walk past the Town Hall and down Church Road to the convent. The headmistress was a nun called Sister Catherine. There was a History teacher called Miss Pierpont. Sometime in the early 1950s the convent school closed down - I believe it burned down, but I'm not certain. I wonder if anyone has a photo of any part of the convent? There was a playgroung which was walled in from the street. Inside the walls, at the end of the playground there was a grotto with a statue of Our Lady in it. If anyone has a photo of any part of the school, I would love to have a copy and would be willing to buy it and pay for postage etc. I live in Canada now (near Edmonton, Alberta).... Read more

Parish Church, North Road

The Parish Church c1965, St Helens
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From 1964 I used to walk past this church every day on my way to and from Central Modern School. There used to be a joke shop opposite, we bought stink bombs and others tricks.

Badly Sunburned

Taylor Park c1955, St Helens
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We lived just near Taylor Park, it was a great place to boat and fish. My brother Philip got badly sunburned there back in about 1966. Oh how I'd love to go back just for one day as he died in an accident when he was just 17, poor thing never did say goodbye. John Hayes

War Bride

The Parish Church c1965, St Helens
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I came on tonight to see the house I was living in when I left to come to America. I was amazed to see the Memories of St. Helens pictures etc. What a pleasure to see the pictures, and read some of the memories. I remember all the places. I am 85 years old, I left to join my husband in April 1946. I arrived in New York on the 27th.of April 1946. I travelled by train for 2 days and one night to get to Middlesboro, Kentucky. Then by bus and taxi to Shawanee, Tennessee. What an eye opener that was. I lived on Blackbrook Rd. in St. Helens Lancs. Went to Parr Central School, until the war started, then they brought the refugees in for safety. They were living in our school. We finished school at night in the shelters. I have been home to visit twice; the first time in 1977, the second time in 1990. It was great, nothing seemed to have changed very much, especially... Read more

Post Office And Markets

Church Street 1952, St Helens
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I remember that just opposite to this photo was the main Post Office, with wooden floors, which echoed when a customer walked on them.
Further along where the white building is, if you went left, there was an old shop selling stamps, then going further there was the covered market, right through to Bridge St; on Beechams car park was an open market, that car park is now part of St Helens college; I always remember a stall there that used to sell fresh muscles, prawn etc., the same firm which I believe used to sell his produce in pubs and labour clubs around the town, such a welcomed delight!!

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