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Upminster Road c1955, Rainham

Upminster Road c1955, Rainham

Upminster Road c1955, Rainham Ref: R354022

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Memories of Upminster Road c1955, Rainham

Born in The House Directly Across From The Shops Shown.

Upminster Road c1955, Rainham
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I was born in Dec. 1941, in the house, 241(?) directly across from the butcher shop (where the lorry is parked) , only my mother and a 15 yr old aunt were present. Nurse Chalk, on her trusty bike, showed up a little later. My father was serving in Hornchurch Aerodrome and one of my earliest memories were spending nights in the air-raid shelter in our backyard. That street was my playground, Rainham Hall my nursery, the old Infant's school and Primary School nearly to the clocktower (the other picture must surely show a number 87 bus). The hardware store was at this end of the row, and from it we bought our bike innertubes, as well as the rubber band to make our catapults. Furbanks, at the far end, was the place to buy our weekly 4 ounces of sweets--everlasting toffee strips were favourite. This street and the people in it were my life until we moved away in 1950. Fond memories.

THe Nurden Family History Book.

Upminster Road c1955, Rainham
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My name is Dennis Nurden, I have a twin sister Valerie, we lived in Sunningdale Ave when Murex sports ground was there. Though not born there we did all our schooling there and left when we were about 18yrs old. At school I did paper rounds and worked on Saturdays in Castle Sports, the shop left in photo. My father Sydney Edward Nurden and his family were from Rainham and some are still living there today. My father was in the army and died in 1944 (injured in France). His name is on the War Memorial at The Clock Tower in Rainham, both my parents(mother Lucy Maud Nurden) are buried in the cemetary in Upminster Rd, as are others from the Nurden family. Rainham was a great place to grow up, Lambs Lane Secondary Modern had just opened when I was there in the early 50s with beautiful sports fields. As kids playing on the Rainham marches looking for old cartridges left behind at the rifle ranges and playing on... Read more

Mimi And Grandad's Sweet Shop

Upminster Road c1955, Rainham
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My grandparents owned the sweet shop at the end of this parade. They were Harry and Gladys Godwin. My mother grew up there, as did my Uncle Paul. My brother and I have hundreds of fantastic memories from the 1970s. I now live in Highgate, North London. Last year I was driving past the shop and decided to go in, it seemed tiny now and I couldn’t work out if it had been altered in any way, I remember it being quite a big shop with the fag counter up one side and sweets on the other. It also had a post office at the end of the shop which was run by Roy Firbanks.  

Rainham & local memories

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War Memorial

The Broadway c1950, Rainham
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My father Sidney Edward Nurden whose name is on the war memorial at The Broadway at Rainham. He died from wounds he received in France in 1944 aged 28 years. He is buried in the cemetary in Upminster Road where there are now several others from the Nurden family including my mother Lucy Maud Nurden whose ashes are scattered on my father's grave. I think we used to call the Broadway the Clock Tower and it was always a very busy place as to go anywhere you had to get a bus, 103, 87, 52. The Rainham Church was also one placeIi remember well with church parades in the Cubs and Scouts. Rainham was a great place to grow up and I have very fond memories.
Dennis Nurden.

Essex Boy 1949-59 See On-Line

I moved to Rainham in 1953. My memories are on-line in Essex Boy 1949-1959 and also on the Walthamstow Memories website. I lived at 45 Brookway. I went to Rainham school in class of Miss Legg and Mrs Davies...Anyway, see on line. The printed version is in the London Borough of Havering Library and Essex Record Office...

My Young Days on The Farm.

I was born in 1948 in South Hall Farms little cottage, which as I know is still there. The farm was owned by the Gunarys, I lived there until I was 19. I went to Lambs Lane Secondary School which ajoined the farm, so I could go over the fields and through the hole in the wire fence then I was at school. All my school friends had great fun playing on the farm, used to go fishing down the little brook which is just past the cottage going toward Wennington. Wennington is where I went to school from 5 to11 which was next to the church, the school is now a house opposite Church Lane. When I left school of course I went to work on the farm, then to Murex down Ferry Lane. The names I mostly remember from Rainham are the Hockleys, Barnards, Gregorys.

Blacksmith - Great Grandfather

My great grandfather Frederic Fynn, came to Rainham in 1875 after he married Louisa Virgin of Ilford. He had his shop in Back Lane. He had a number of children, one being my grandfather Harry Robert Fynn. My father Henry John Fynn, was also born in Rainham, but I was born in Dagenham, in Becontree Avenue in 1946.

Summers Spent at my Grandparents'

My grandparents moved to Rainham in the 1930s and were there during the Second World War. After the war my mother married at St Helen's and St Gile's and when I was born, in 1952, my earliest and fondest memories are of my grandparents' house on Wilfred Avenue. Granddad helped start Rainham F.C. and was always running about arranging dances and raffles for fund raising for the club but there was always time to drive to Tilbury Fort to watch the ships pass down the river Thames or walk up to Wennington Road to buy sweets. Sadly the football club doesn't exist any more.

My Early Childhood Years

My grandfather worked at Murex down by the river and I loved being able to pick him up from work on the odd occassion with my late Mum, Dad and younger sister as we would be allowed to see any boats passing. I still love the sight of water ways today and I am nearly 50 years of age, I adore the River Thames and the homely boats on its water in London that I see on my journeys with National Express. Memories are so precious and I am glad we all have them! Rainham will always hold my roots even though I live many miles away now since I married in 1980.

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