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Memories of Buckinghamshire


The Mill c1955, Olney
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We lived in Church Street from 1950 until 1960, we paddled in the river in the summer and fished and played in the meadows. The children in the photo are more than likely us with our friends... happy days

Memories of Village Haircuts.

Just before the 1960’s transformed our innocent lives, all us village boys had a limited choice of tonsorial art; indeed you could count the number of available haircuts (styles wasn’t a word used for men or boys) on the fingers of one hand… Short Back & Sides, Square Neck, Feather Neck & Crew Cut. Short Back & Sides; the standard cut for 90% of the male population and had been forever as far as I could tell. It left only the crown hair… to be individually determined e.g. long - medium – short. And for the MEN Brylcream was a must to spruce them up. Square Neck and Feather Neck where pretty much the same thing, with the finish at the nape of the neck being either squared across with the clippers or feathered. The Square Neck was a Teddy Boy cut… Elvis was the role model, so the top was usually long and quiffed. With both these styles the biggest difference from the SB&S was the tight hairline around your... Read more


A friend of mine (Len) said we should go to Hanslope one weekend to meet a girl he used to go out with when she lived in Kensington in London. We drove up to Hanslope one Saturday morning to see her. Her family lived in a massive white house in Hanslope (her name was Gelda). When we walked in I was amazed to meet her father and realised that he was Charles Craig, the world-famous opera singer! Over the following years, I would often call in for a cup of tea with them when I was on my way to the midlands and the north.

Hatton Court / Hanslope Lodge

Does anyone have any memories / photos of this property before it was a hotel?

When I Was A Lad

North Bridge From The Play Pen 1956, Newport Pagnell
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The lad leaning on the wall was John Cook, whose father was a policeman in NP, the guy to the left in the dark suite is me and the lad sitting on the pillar (to the right) was David Ashworth son of Major Ashworth who lived in Silver Street.

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