Reading, Queen Victoria's Statue 1904

Memories of Reading

Reading University In The 1950s

Great memories of my years as a student at Reading University in the 1950's. At that time there was only one campus, and on entering through the covered London Road entrance (on the left of the photo) the ...Read full memory

A memory of Reading by Milton Freeman

Monks Barn Caversham

Dose anyone remember Monks Barn Childrens Home in Caversham.

A memory of Reading by Joyce Lawrence

University Rag Days

Rag Days , who knows why they were called rag days I believe Reading Uni is now rated as one of the top 100 unis in the world , as far as i can ascertain the rag day parades have gone now mores the pity they were fun days ...Read full memory

Reading In The 60's

I was born in Caversham, Reading. I used to go to a riding school at Sonning Common, owned by Rosemary Drayton and remember the riding school and farm at Bugs Bottom owned by Frank Stokes. I loved the ice cream sold at The ...Read full memory

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