Reading, Queen Victoria's Statue 1904

Reading, Queen Victoria's Statue 1904

Neg. 52011

Memories of Reading

Good Times

Anyone remember Rag Day in Reading? It was the one day of the year when the students of the university used to decorate lorries, in a certain theme and used to go through the streets with music blaring, throwing bags of flour at us kids. I remember getting hit by one, only small bags but it was fun. Also I remember elephants all ...Read full memory

A memory of Reading by Valerie Hames


So far as I know never was called Oxford Street its always been called Oxford road. My grandfather also Frank, met my grandmother, Dora, when they both worked for Macilroys before the Great War. I believe Macilroys was the large department store situated under the white awnings in the photograph. My grandmother lived in, which ...Read full memory

Happy Days

Miss Jenifer Howell and Mr Peter Gardiner got married here on the 21st October 1967 as did my mother and father Jean and Frank Gardiner on the 21st October 1939.

A memory of Reading

Reading In The 60's

I was born in Caversham, Reading. I used to go to a riding school at Sonning Common, owned by Rosemary Drayton and remember the riding school and farm at Bugs Bottom owned by Frank Stokes. I loved the ice cream sold at The Regent in St Mary's Butts, and I worked at Lamport, Gilbert and Co in Gun Street, my window ...Read full memory

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