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Redhill General Hospital

East Surrey Hospital, The Porter's Lodge 1908, Redhill
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The picture is of the old East Surrey Hospital and I can remember my mother being an in patient there for many weeks around 1954--- as children we were not allowed in to the wards and I can remember waving to my Mum through a window.
I did my nurse training at Redhill General-- starting as a pre nursing student in 1965 and qualifying in 1970. We went between the two sites -- the other one being Smallfield Hospital in Horley which was an old war time hospital. I trained in the days when every hospital had a Matron and there was very strict discipline. we wore starched caps and aprons and the stiff collars were very uncomforable.
The ward at Redhill were named after places in Surrey--- the medical wards were Chipstead and Chaldon. Surgical wards were Bramley and Brockham and the childrens ward was in a part of the hospital that was the old workhouse--- The Spike. The isolation ward was also very old and had been an isolation unit for a very long time-- that was called Ifield Ward.
Despite it being a very old hospital some very innovative surgery was carried out there in the 1960's -- it was here that some of the first hip replacements were done by Mr Peter Ring who perfected a special technique that was in vogue for several decades.
It is interesting to note that each ward had it's own designated cleaner who took great pride in the ward-- we must have had very low infection rates despite there being only a very small proportion of the antibiotics that are available today.
The hospital was in a beautiful position on Redhill Common and the training I received there is still being put to good use as I continue my long career-- now in Australia. I have many happy memories of my time there.

Written by Sally Pashby. To send Sally Pashby a private message, click here.

A memory of Redhill in Surrey shared on Friday, 2nd May 2008.

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RE: Redhill General Hospital

I too remember those days but I started in 1968. Remember Mrs Barnes???
What a different life nursing is these days.
If anyone reading this was in the 68 intake please say hello as some of us would like a reunion

Comment from Sandra Grandsoult on Sunday, 31st August 2008.

RE: Redhill General Hospital

Very interested to read these comments. I go even farther back - I trained at the then named Redhill County Hospital from 1958 to 1961 and left the hospital in 1962, working in the US and doing midwifery at Queen Charlotte's in Ravenscourt Park, London (another long-gone hospital). When I was at Redhill the surgical and medical wards were known as B1 North (men's medical), B1South (men's surgical), B2 North (women's medical), B2 South women's surgical. The top floor was gynae and maternity. The children's ward was at Smallfield. We still had a TB block at Redhill though that later became men's medical. Sister Chisholm was there then (men's surgical) and Sister Topham (women's medical). Miss Reid was the Senior Tutor. I well remember the ward cleaners, dragons that the student nurses were much in awe of (long before cleaning was contracted out). My name in those days was Linda Stubbs.

Comment from Linda Mallindine on Thursday, 6th December 2012.

RE: Redhill General Hospital

I was there, a post grad nursing student from Singapore. I remember Mr Ring,and I also remember remember Sister Chilsolm in a surgical ward. I have very warm memories of the nursing tutors, Sisters Reid and Price and the charming Dr Sakula, he was a cardiologist and gave lectures to the nursing class. It has been a while now, I left Redhill in 1971 and have been in Toronto, Canada ever since and and I am proud that I did my general training at Redhill General Hospital. Matron Morgan said at our graduation at Redhill General Hospital that we were to be proud wherever we were going to be, she was sure right. I hope to connect with some one hopefully from that era. Maggie Seah (Chu).

Comment from Maggie Chu on Friday, 11th December 2009.

RE: Redhill General Hospital

I trained at Redhill General Hospital from 1972 until 1975. I have very fond memories of the hospital and everyone who worked there. In fact my son was delivered by Mr James Andrew. I remember Miss Drury and I will always remember their kindness and compassion. I am now a Professor of Gynaecological Surgery.

Comment from John Erian on Saturday, 6th April 2013.

RE: Redhill General Hospital

I trained at Redhill General Hospital from 1968 to 1971 & worked there until 1974. These were some of the happiest years of my life. I remember Smallfield with fondness, where we had our PTS training, & those really old wards! I spent a lot of time working on the gynae ward with Sister Best. The Matron was very strict, the sisters rather formidable & the uniforms starchy, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. The nursing training was the best, & the patients were well cared for. Yes, I remember Mrs Barnes, our tutor, & Miss Clayton, Miss Purcell, Mr Hunter-Craig & Mr Mc McGregor amongst countles others. I worked very happily on Brockham ward for some time, beside Sister Maureen McNamara, who sadly passed away this year. I recently visited the site of the old RGH, & although it is no longer there, the memories are so vivid that I could almost believe I was still working there!

Comment from Jennifer Erian on Friday, 2nd August 2013.

RE: Redhill General Hospital

I did my training at Redhill General Hospital 1966-1969, although I did just over a year as a pre-nursing student. I remember the initial training PTS at Smallfield but can't remember the name of the tutor there (she seemed quite elderly to us!), but I do remember Miss Reid who used to be the tutor at Redhill. My first ward was male orthopaedic (Abinger) ward with Sister Sheila ??, who later married Mr Peter Ring. I also loved working on Ifield Ward with child tonsillectomy patients. Part of our training was at Smallfield which had "cold surgery" and long stay elderly care. I remember Sister Allan on the private ward(ward 11) who had everyone trembling in their shoes, including the doctors! After my training I did a year on Abinger Ward as staff nurse, then went to do my orthopaedic training at Oxford. I returned to Dorking Hospital to work with Peter Ring, nursing mainly hip replacements. I loved my time at Redhill and Smallfield. We were the responsibility of the hospital until we were 21, so if we wanted to go out after 10pm, we had to ask matron for a pass. We often had dances with the near-by police college. In our final year the nurses' home was a walk up pass the ambulance station, which was a bit eerie late at night in the winter. I often wondered what happened to our little group, they were such good times even though they were quite strict. Happy memories!!! Joan Newman nee Knight

Comment from Joan Newman on Monday, 17th March 2014.


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