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Isle of Man memories

Peckham The Fishmonger

Victoria Pier 1907, Douglas
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My great grandfather, Henry William Peckham was a fishmonger, mentioned in Brown's Directory of 1882.  He is reputed to have owned some land on the coast/beach/promenade at Douglas.  Here fish was sold 'on the front' from a table.
My father was born at Douglas in 1896 and stories have carried forward of his sisters, or aunts, still selling fish there in early 1900's.

Swimming Pool

The Baths 1907, Port Erin
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The Hut Grounds

The Hut 1907, Port Erin
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Seeing this photograph reminded me of the name by which we used to know this site, namely 'The Hut Grounds'. Nowadays it is mostly referred to as 'Bradda Glen Cafe', but in my childhood it was 'The Hut Grounds'!
In the height of the tourist boom in the late 1950s, through to the late 60s and perhaps just into the 70s, this was a popular destination for visitors to walk to and sit outside at tables sheltered from the sun by large umbrellas over them. Here they could sit and enjoy afternoon tea, or icecreams while their children played in a small playground among the trees. This playground contained a slide, a seesaw and a couple of swings. Not much, but non-the-less, popular with the children.
In the evenings, at least once or twice each week, entertainment was laid on for both the locals and the visitors.
From 1952 to the mid 1960s, 'The Southern Manx Folk Dance Society' under the leadership of Leighton Stowell, entertained fortnightly in The Hut... Read more

Visiting The Isle of Man Railway

Victoria Pier 1907, Douglas
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Two of my friends i(Bob and Tony) n our Manchester University Hall of Residence were both train buffs and motorcyclists so one early summer weekend in 1967 we rode our bikes on a Friday evening down the "East Lancs Road" to Liverpool where we caught an overnight ferry to Douglas.

I remember very fondy a breakfast of Manx kippers and whisky on the boat! We docked at Douglas and looked around before riding the steam railway south to Port Erin. The Isle of Man Steam Railway operates between Douglas station at the western end of the historic harbour and Port Erin in the south of the island. The line which was established in the late 1800s takes in the rolling countryside and farmland of the south and passes through numerous quaint stations on its way to Port Erin. The 15 mile journey is the longest narrow gauge steam railway in the British Isles and I think it was probably the bumpiest hour I have ever spent... Read more

Swimming Pool

In 1959, my father, Cecil Archibald, was employed for the summer season as attendant at the swimming pool at Spaldrick, Port Erin.
You could enter the swimming pool by paying a fee, for a day; for a week; for two weeks; for a month; or for the season. This arrangement accommodated locals and visitors admirably. With dad working there, I got in for free!
It was a very popular site, as it was something of a sun-trap and was sheltered from all but a wind from the due west. There was a shallow end to the pool at the cafe end, while at the sea end of the pool, it was deep enough to allow diving from both a 3 metre spring board, and a 10 metre diving board.
Each Wednesday through the season, there was a swimming gala held there when swimming races and diving competitions were held. Prizes were given to the winners as trophies to keep. My brother, Roadley was a strong swimmer who in previous years... Read more

Cool Kelly

I was 13 and I went for 2 weeks' holiday with my sister Liz and my dad. We stayed at the Cools Cafe, run by the Kelly family. We used to help make chips and cook the meat pies for the customers, they smelt delicious and tasted even better. Does anyone remember the Kellys at Cools Cafe? I know they had a daughter called Melody.

Colby Shop

I was born in Ballavare Farm, Ballakilpheric, Colby in 1959. I remember my mum taking me to the little shop in Colby in her Austin a 35 car. Sorry to see its not there anymore.

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