Memories of Rhosneigr

Ty Croes Thunderbird Guys

As a young REME corporal in 65, stationed at Ty Croes with the RA, we spent many an hour at the Bay Hotel bar. We managed to walk seaside over rocks in the dark to the Hotel successfully most evenings. Spent my 21st birthday there with my REME and RA friends. Got totally sloshed. Miss the place. I still go there from California every so often. Love Rhosneigr.

A memory of Rhosneigr by Carmel Vella

The Riding School Rhosneigr 1960s

I, too, holidayed with Mum and Dad in Rhosneigr and I used to spend many a happy hour at the riding school there with my friend, Frieda. Afterwards, we'd go the the little cafe, The Dolphin, (now a pub) and feel very grand when we ordered cokes with lemon and ice!! Rhosneigr now seems to be 'on the up', ...Read full memory

A memory of Rhosneigr

Holiday Place

Many many many, great holidays here. A very nice village. Sadly this place has now been knocked down and replaced with houses.


I lived in Rhosneigr until 1970.  I remember going on the bus from the clock to Holyhead school. Mr Lovatt was headmaster and I remember Mrs Hughes!!  Before the school buses started we went on the train, they had 2 buses from Rhosneigr going from Morris town and from the clock.  Gosh it was a long walk from my ...Read full memory

Guest Houses In Beach Road

I spent most of my earliest summer holidays in the Fifties and Sixties at Rhosneigr and have idyllic memories of whole days spent with family or with friends of my age in the sand-dunes; campfires, charred sausages, shrimping in the rockpools and ice cream from the Marigold, pocket money to be spent at the Bon ...Read full memory

A memory of Rhosneigr by Adrian Hughes

Our Parents Owned Quality Stores Next To The Old Cinema

I am Delphine Chapple's sister and I lived in Rhosneigr for all my years at Holyhead Grammar School.  The walk or bike ride to the station was indeed more than any young person would contemplate these days.  With reference to Nicholas Farmer's comment above, if I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Rhosneigr by Velvor Jones

Maelog Lake Hotel

A schoolfriend of my former wife (now sadly deceased) married a Rhosneigr man and lived in the village. In order to visit them  my wife, I and our year old daughter visited Rhosneigr first in 1971, again in 1973 and for the last time in 1977 when our son was three years old. We stayed each time at the Maelog Lake ...Read full memory

A memory of Rhosneigr by Colin Carey

Happy Days

I remember Bay Hotel extremely well, I used to frequent it with my parents for many years, three times a year, from the age of a toddler up to when I got married in 1970, so we were visiting at the time this photo was taken and I remember it well. The hotel was run by Joe Forbes and Jane Williams who became great friends of ours. They ...Read full memory

A memory of Rhosneigr by pfitzp

Poice Station Areryn , Sandy Lane 1939

Hello My grandfather was a police constable based at the above police station in the thirties, does anyone have any photos of the old police station, I heard that the building was demolished. Greetings from sunny Australia Alison

Wounderful Memories

Worked at the Bay Hotel as a chambermaid, to start with on weekends and school holidays. Worked with great people, and the guests were wounderful too. Very fond memories, met my husband at the disco there, it's a great shame it was demolished. Wounderful place with the fantastic beach.

A memory of Rhosneigr

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