Rochester, Eastgate House 1894

Rochester, Eastgate House 1894

Neg. 34038

Memories of Rochester

Rochester Sweeps Festival And Whitethorn Morris

The Rochester Sweeps festival celebrates the traditional May Day holiday that chimney sweeps used to enjoy. It is a glorious mixture of dancing, music and dressing up with visitors from all over Britain bringing their entertainment to Rochester High Street each year. The festival attracts ...Read full memory

M2 Bridge Worker In St. Bart's Hospital

I remember being in St. Barts Hospital in 1961 or 1962, aged 11 or twelve, to have my appendix removed. At that time there was a construction worker recovering from a very serious injury received while working on the bridge. His whole arm had been removed, leaving him only his right shoulder.I met him ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester by Keith Mungham

Traffic Jams At Star Hill

I regularly went across this junction on the bus to and from home in Rochester and school at Chatham between 1955 and 1961. The Gaumont cinema was directly across the road from Bourne & Hilliers Dairy. I went to Saturday morning pictures, and ocassionally to the Victor Sylvester Ballroom Dancing classes, also at ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester by Keith Mungham

The Castle Tea Rooms

I lived at the Castle Tea Rooms from 1953 untill 1976, my mother and father ran the tea rooms. I would love to hear from anyone who passed over the doorstep to enjoy my mum's scones.

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