Rochester, Eastgate House 1894

Rochester, Eastgate House 1894

Neg. 34038

Memories of Rochester

School Day's 1972

I remember going to school, at Gad's Hill Place (Dickens House). It was for girls only and the class was ten of us, not like now! In the gardens they grew veg and fruit, the school had their own gardener who as I remember was quite grumpy - but no wonder with all us girlies!

A memory of Rochester

Just Memories Of My Childhood

My family moved to Rochester during the war ( a naval family). We lived in Union Street until it was demolished for the new police station. We had a small gang, four strong and we roamed far and wide during the ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester by Colin Walsh

This Is Jacksons!!

This is Jackson's Field - I lived in one of the houses opposite the rectangle in the background. This was an old WWII water tank and was still lined with metal and we'd play in it as kids. Chipperfields Circus used to ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester

Fort Or Folly Near City Lawn Tennis Club

Can anyone please shed any light on what was (or is) an old fort or folly in woodland behind the Lawn Tennis club off Maidstone Road? I have a photo but I'm not sure it would come out well scanned. I ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochester by Izzie Kirk
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