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Gloucestershire memories

I Break my Arm

Soon after the end of WW2, we stayed in Frampton on Severn, at the home of my Uncle Percy and his wife Mary.
My Uncle Percy worked on an Estate, possibly Frampton Court.
With some of the local lads we liked to visit, what they called "the Hock" where we walked along the edge of the River Severn when the river level was low.
During that holiday I fell and broke my arm (probably while trespassing in the grounds of Frampton Court) and had to be taken to hospital in Gloucester.
Ken Cook

Elmore Court: The Bronets of Guise

Elmore Court is a beautiful manor and ancient house with many acres of property which belonged to the Baronets of Elmore, the Guise family, since the 13th century. My great-great-grandfather, Martin George Guise, Admiral and firstCommander of the Peruvian Navy, was born at Elmore Court or at Highnam and baptised at Churcham Vicarage. He enrolled in the British Royal Navy at an early age and ascended in rank during the Napoleonic Wars. When peace came to Europe he left the Royal Navy and enrolled in the Chilean war fleet under Lord Cochrane, which carried a whole Liberation Army to the Peruvian costas to fight the Wars of Independence against Spain. General Jose de san Martin, the general in chief, created the Peruvian Navy, after declaring the Independance of Peru. The first Commander of the Peruvian Navy was then Admiral Penned Marin George Guise, who some years later, in 1829, died of a gun shot in the siege of the port of Guayaquil. He is a Peruvian hero, his statue is... Read more

Unlawater Hotel

Unlawater Hotel c1955, Newnham
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This hotel was owned by my mother Patricia Woods till around 1959. Newnham was a busy place then. H G Zeal had a themometer factory in the High Street.

Above the hotel was a dairy farm run by A.Jones (Dean Forest farm).

As a matter of interest, the name Unlawater translates to River of Sorrows and was from a time back in history when Lady Padget lived there and a member of the family drowned in the river.

Best wishes,
Rai Woods. (Captain)

My First Home

Unlawater Hotel c1955, Newnham
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My parents owned Unlawater House from 1963 until the 1970s. It was their first house when they were in their twenties and they ran it as a private children's home. I spent the first eight years of my life there and have great memories of lunches in the garden.

They re-roofed it within the first five years of purchase. The council bought some of the land along the road to widen the road as it kept flooding as a result of the Severn tidal wave; they did eventually rebuild the pretty red brick wall which runs along the perimeter.

There were some beautiful trees in the garden (many of which have since been taken down), and a superb monkey tree which we used to decorate with coloured lights at Christmas.

This Picture is Very Nostalgic For Me,

Unlawater Hotel c1955, Newnham
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Walburga Ehrengarde Helena, Lady Paget, 1839 - 1929 Born in Germany was a diarist and the last of Queen Victoria's intimate friends.
Lady Paget died of burns after falling asleep by the fire at her home Unlawater House, Newnham on Severn, England, at the age of 90.
Nodding over her newspaper in the Small Library of Unlawater House, Lady Paget lapsed gently into sleep. The newspaper slipped from her fingers, lodged against the blazing coal grate. She woke with a start to find both the newspaper and her skirts aflame. Being frail and unable to rise alone, she rang for her butler.
Swift to respond as usual, the butler arrived in time to tear the skirts off Walburga Lady Paget before her upper clothing caught fire. When he finished stamping out the flames he found that she had swooned. She was removed to Wooton Hospital. There, a few hours later, she died.

But believe me she still lives on at this... Read more


I was evacuated from Birmingham in 1939 aged 12yrs and was known as Dorothy Davis. I stayed at the Villa Cottage, Bristol Road and went to the local school. My happiest memory of Quedgeley is being confirmed at church and at Easter time we used to collect the moss for the church. Also going to see the Severn Bore with the people I stayed with Mrs Veal and her 2 daughters Betty and Joan. I also made a good friend there Dorothy Williams and would like to know if she is still around.

Middle Street.

Myself and 2 brothers and 2 sisters lived in Middle Street for over 10 years. I think we moved away in 1969. I have wonderful memories. Hot summers, cold winters. Our house back then was Bourne Cottage. We had neighbours called Mr amd Mrs Cole, they were ancient but lovely. They had a dog that was old too and smelt so bad. Another person I can remember was an old man, partly sighted. His name was Mr Miles, our parents taught us to look out for him. We always said "Hello". There was also a family who lived up the road from us. I remember the daughter, her name was Margaret Coole. Some days the smell of cow dung in the village was overpowering, but somehow reassuring too. On some quiet nights we could here a distant train. It was the most beautiful place to live as a youngster. I'm sure looking back myself and my siblings were a sorry sight, but I'm sure our laughter still echoes around... Read more

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