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Memories of Romford

Romford And Havering Atte Bower,Very Fond Memories

We moved to Romford in 1951 from Havering where we lived with Nan and Grandad in Pinewood Road. It was an exciting time for me but also an unhappy time leaving Nan and Grandad's house. We moved in a council house in Chelmsford Ave, I made friends with a boy called Raymond Crane, we started ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Helen Scott

Oldchurch Hospital 1956 57

I have such memories as a 17 year old of working in the 'Admins Office' in Oldchurch Hospital. I think I just walked in one day, got an interview and started on the Monday - no job centres or CVs needed then. The boss was Mr Totts and Mr Izzard and Mr Jarvis were his under colleagues. I used to have to walk across ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Glyn Mallett

Night Of The V1 Bomb

After we were bombed out in London my parents bought a house in Romford, Essex. My father was working for the Ford Motor Company that had converted its assembly lines to manufacture Bren gun carriers and other war time vehicles. In his absence my mother and I typically slept in a bomb shelter in our garden, but on this ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by Ray Tricker

First Home

I was born in Hornchurch in 1934, but my mother, father and myself were the first residents of 121 Warren Drive, Elm Park.  My brother was born in the house at 121, in 1945.  This is the last view I had of the street, as we left in a taxi, to sail to Canada in 1946.  Made a brief visit to Warren Drive in 1956. ...Read full memory

We The Harris Family Lived In 86 Dagenham Road

Hi all, I was born at No 86 Dagenham Road which at the time was Harris and.sons Greengrocers shop born in 1943 and lived there until1961. My Brothers Richard John and Norman used to manage the shop until my Mother Violet Gladys Harris sold it to my Aunt Nell and cousins Tony and Peter Butler. ...Read full memory


I remember going to the Saturday morning picture in the Laurie Hall, it cost 6d. We lived in North Street and going back through the churchyard to the next street there was an ice factory threre and on a hot day they would give us a pieceof ice to suck on the way home. Great memories.

A memory of Romford by Gerry Francis

When Buses Ran Past Lloyds Bank .....

I am told that once upon a time buses ran through Romford Market towards Gidea Park. Apparently I was happily standing in the queue with my mother and newly-born sister in a pram waiting for a 174. I held tight to Mum's coat so as not to lose her. Imagine my surprise to find that the coat in question belonged ...Read full memory

Memory Of Warren Drive

Found this memory from Marlene Bennett i to lived i warren drive went to benhurst school remembered MR Tew Miss McDonald Mrs Nelson who I was terrified of used to make all sorts of excuses not to go to school ,we used to play over the park a lovely place then cornfields woods the river that we used to jump ,unfortunaly it ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford

Chase Cross School

My memory of that year was attending Chase Cross School and enjoying my four years there. The teachers were Mr Race, Mr Matthews, Mr D Shaw and in the last year, Mr Whittnel - all brilliant teachers. I used to box for the school and left to become a butcher until 1964; the next 10 years driving lorries and buses and in ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford by David Ogilvie

Market Day

I well remember as a small girl going to the top of Kensington Road to watch the cattle being driven to the market on a Wednesday morning, I think they were from Fowlers Farm but not too sure about that one, then we used to go to the market and watch the cattle being auctioned and also to watch Lou the handbag man selling his bags and ...Read full memory

A memory of Romford

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