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Memories of Rothwell in The Sixties

I lived in Rothwell from the age of 5 leaving to come to Australia in 1969 at the age of 16.  I think regularly now of how the village would have changed so much since I left.  I remember being a bridesmaid at the Trinity church and still have photos of coming down the path through the gate.
I drew a picture at school of the church; we had to do this in charcoal and wish I had kept it.  We used to wander around and look at the old gravestones.

I remember the fairs that used to be held every year when we used to celebrate Childrens' Day and have races in the park, and the scary fireworks display at night standing on the hill thinking they were going to land on me. I attended the Church school in the main street and remember the new shopping centre being built.  We used to call into one of the shops and buy a bag of broken biscuits for a... Read more

My Early Years in Rothwell

I was born in Rothwell in 1949 and have lived there all my life and remember when it was a picturesque village where everyone knew each other.    What changes have taken place over the years.  

I remember going to the Corn Mill with my dad on a Saturday morning to get corn for dad's pigeons.   We had to go over a foot bridge, across the mill pond, past the big water wheel and into the storage shed.  Being very small, dad would lift me up to get the corn out of one of the big barrels and nearly always pretend to let go of me, so I thought I would fall in.   Tommy Barret owned the mill and he was a great big man, who always wore a dirty brown apron and scared me to death.    Going back over the footbridge we would stop to watch the swans and in springtime the May blossom would fall and cover the water.  

My best friend was... Read more

My Child Days

Holy Trinity Church c1960, Rothwell
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I was a child in the Rothwell children's home and went to the the church you mentioned.

Ex Resident of Rothwell Childrens Home

I was in the Home from 1939 -1946 along with two sisters and a brother. Our name was then Caradice, the girls were in Home 4, and my brother was in Home 5. The lady in charge of Home 4 was Miss Silverwood, and the man in charge of all the homes was Mr Hollister. I have nothing but lovely memories of being there. Anyone who would like to get in touch with me please do, I would be really pleased.

Childrens Home Wood Lane Rothwell

I remember living at the back of the children's home in Oakwood Drive, Rothwell and children getting used fireworks from our garden. Nobody seems to remember the childrens home, but I remember it and then Home Lea Home and houses being built.

Memories of Rothwell

I was born in Rothwell and am a true Rodillian. My birth certificate shows the registration district as Lower Agbrigg, and I was christened at Woodlesford church. I can trace my father's family tree in Oulton back to 1759. My family, going back to that time, were miners either in Rothwell or Oulton. I can remember the pit ponies and have photos of me with them, when they came up top for a few weeks in the summer. I remember their short mains and tails. I went to Rothwell Primary school and remember well the May Day processions with the May Queens of which sadly, I never was one. Also the Christmas nativity scenes outside the Council offices. I have really fond memories of Rothwell park and the fairs or 'feasts' that came to the park. As my school didn't have a big playing field, we used to play rounders in the park in the summer. I loved the youth club and spent many happy hours there playing badminton and... Read more

Seanor Match Works

Actually this memory via my father and grandfather go back further than 1860. My great-great-grandfather, Richard Seanor, got interested in match making and went to London to find out the process etc. He then came back to Rothwell and started his own matchworks factory. He then went on to make the small match that we use today and of course the match box, which was made by children around 10 years of age.

Quite a few times the factory burnt down, and later when his son Jabez took over, he opened a factory in Bootle, Liverpool, but in 1904 or thereabout Jabez sold the business to Bryant and May, the match makers we all know but who have now moved to Sweden.

I have been to Rothwell a few times and met some of the people there who knew of my great-grandfather (Jabez) and of course Richard my great-great-grandfather. I have also been to the old church to visit their grave sites, and found out about the adopted... Read more

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