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Ryton memories

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Question on Ryton House

Hello everyone, I am doing some genealogy work and found a distant relative who was a groom at Ryton House (as listed on the census). I can't find any reference to it online, does anyone remember such a place or have any idea what it might mean.

Thanks in advance


Memories of Shropshire

Beckbury Cottage (formerly Butchers Farm)

Does anyone have any old photographs or memories of Beckbury Cottage (formerly Butchers Farm?) We know the cottage/outbuildings used to be a butchers shop/slaughter house and the old hooks for hanging the meat are still on the outside wall facing the road. Also would like any information on who lived here in the past or any old photographs of Beckbury generally.

Post Office And General Stores

My grandmother tells me stories of Kemberton; she recalls her grandfather and grandmother Webb owning or running the post office and general stores in Kemberton. She recalls a Mrs Paul living next door and was a good friend of her grandmothers, her mother was Elsie Webb. Does anyone have more details about this? Also before owning the post office her grandarents worked at Kemberton Hall, her grandfather worked in the stables and took care of them. If anyone knows of any of these details, I would love to tell my nan the outcome as she is 82 and has loved Kemberton.

Daughter of The Village Bobby

I was born in the police house at Norton, the 4th child of Nigel and Beryl Evans, in 1958. I loved growing up there next to the farm, now the Hundred House car park. I was always out with Uncle Wood, fetching the cows in, helping him with the milking, mucking out. I had my own special pikel! Ggetting the eggs from under the hens, finding wild kittens in the barns, I could go on. Us kids would go out all day in the summer with a bottle of pop, sandwiches and crisps, and we were safe wandering round all the fields looking for birds nests. A walk around Apley Terrace was great, sitting in the cave on the view pretending Apley Hall was a palace! Sadly now there is no village school or shop and we moved into Bridgnorth when I was about 12 which I didn't want to do. Happy days.

E M Goliah

The Broadway c1965, Shifnal
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My Grandmother Mrs E M Goliah had a general stores on Broadway I believe it was sold circa 1956 due to ill health, I believe it was an Elizabethan style property, and was next door to Cheadles, the 'clock' shop. The property no longer exists due to 'redevelopment'

I Miss Shifnal And Have Very Happy Fond Memories.

The Broadway c1965, Shifnal
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I have just gone onto this site. I remember the Goliahs. It was when I was a little girl, Mr Goliah used to regularly visit my dad and I think at one stage he dropped off a load of cattle manure with a horse and cart for our garden.   I can also remember the milkman in the early 1950s delivering milk with the horse and cart. What a memory. My name is Jane, my maiden name was 'Humphries'.  My brother still lives there at Custer Castle in Shaw Lane.  Dad, better known as 'Jack', used to run the bakery in Aston Street with a cake shop in Bradford Street.  We lived over the shop (and a toy shop in the corner).  My father worked for Lloyds the Grocers which was in Park Street (can't remember what the place is now but the building is still there).  There was an abattoir behind the grocery shop and one of my earliest memories was of dad wheeling our bacon pig down from our... Read more

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