Sale, Ashfield Road c.1955

Sale, Ashfield Road c.1955

Neg. S344005

Memories of Sale

The Greengrocers In Sale Moor

Does anybody remember the name of the greengrocers in the centre of Sale Moor,I worked there for a short time .They supplied you with one of those bikes which had a basket on the front which didn't turn and on the ...Read full memory

A memory of Sale by Mike Keaveney

Happy Days

I had a fantastic childhood living in Sale Moor. I suppose one of my most vivid memories was selling the evening paper "Empire News" from the front of the Temple Inn to the crowds attending the Warwick Picture house on Temple Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Sale by David Gilmartin

Urmston Lane, Stretford

Me and my sister Jane were adopted due to neglect and abuse, then lived on Urmston Lane,sadly the abuse continued. However I enjoyed my time at Lostock Secondary Modern and also Stretford Cricket Club. My mates Paul ...Read full memory

A memory of Sale by Andy Thompson

The Temple Inn

This was one of my Dad's favourite pubs, along with the Leigh Arms in Sale Moor. I used to go to the Warwick for the Saturday matinee and meet my Dad after. We lived in Kershaw Ave, Sale Moor and I went to Norris Rd School. I have very many happy days from Sale Moor and Sale.

A memory of Sale by Carole Jones
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