Memories of Salford

Happy Days

Does anyone remember my family ,the Walsh 's of 76 Fitzwarren Street, Salford 6. My name is Katherine Walsh I have a sister Sylvia and a brother Gordon .My parents were Fred and Joyce .The house we lived in was next but one to the Royal Picture house and our Grandfather had the boot and shoe repair shop on Langworthy road ,his name ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by kedwards909

Deansbrook Road Burnt Oak

I was born in Edgware Hospital in 1956, and lived at 318 Deansbrook Road. My name is Valerie Hood and I have wonderful memories of growing up there until I was 17 and we then moved to Potters Bar. I knew all of my neighbours, and many from other streets nearby. As a child we used to play over the fields just down the ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by valeriehood65

Heritage Project Monarchy, Music And Mid Sussex Memories

Mid Sussex Older People's Council, a local charity set up run and managed by older people for older people, is putting together a heritage project to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. It is putting together a collection of photos of Mid Sussex over the last 90 years that will be ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by anita

Good Old Days In Gateshead.

I was born in 1943 in Bensham hospital and lived on Rectory rd for the first 5yrs,we then moved to Saltwell rd and i lived there till I left at 21;those years to me were my happiest,days spent in Saltwell Park. I went to Kelvin grv school,then on to Gateshead High school Church rd my mother felt a private school would ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by little.peter945

Garfield Street

Hi i was born in1962, in garfield street salford mum and dad lived there longer than me .They had lots of memorys my dad worked on the docks and my mum work in oil factory.we had to move out of salford in 1965 because houses were being mum joan brown always told me her happy memories in garfield street.

A memory of Salford by tracydawson62

Lower Broghton

I remember so well going on the No 73 bus home from a night out in Manchester to Warwick St in Higher Broughton. I went to Broughton High and my best friend was Gillian Guy whose family owned the newsagents on Lower Broughton Rd. I also went to Marlborough rd School in the late 40s and early 50s. Headmaster Mr Kenyon and dinner at Garnett st School in High town. Also ice cream by Seretti

A memory of Salford by Irene Walton

Derby Street, Lower Broughton, Salford 7

I lived in Derby Street, Lower Broughton from my birth in 1944 until we moved to Little Hulton in 1954. I remember the Coopers living there too, Billy and Garry Cooper. They lived a few doors away from the couple I called Aunty Betty and Uncle Bob whose surname was Holden. Next door to us were the ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Anne Radcliffe

Weaste Memories

I have just read various entries for remembering streets of Salford which had my childhood flooding back to me with lots of affection. I also can remember the cobbled streets, rag bone man etc. But I also remember the people. I was born in 1950 and spent the first 15 years of my life in 39 Guide Street, Weaste. We lived next ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by David Smith

Smiths Fish And Chip Shop[

Hi, I'm researching my family history and wonder if anyone remembers Ada and Robert Smith. I think they owned a fish and chip shop but I am not sure where in Salford it would have been in the 1940-50's. Ada and Robert had a son William who went off to war and did not return in 1917. The circumstances I have found ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Louise Thomas

Yuk1950s 1960s

I remember my mother buying a hot black pudding in Bury Market and giving half to me and the other half to my sister. It was absolutely freezing weather and it was used as much to keep our hands warm as for food. I can't even bear the smell of it now. Then, we lived in Devonshire Road, opposite the playing fields. I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford

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