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Saltney Ferry

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Ferry at Saltney

In the 1950's when I was knee-high to a grasshopper...I remember having to cross the ferry in a little rowing boat so we could cross over to B's, or Bees (I think it was a farm), my Uncle Nev worked there. Anybody else remember this ferry?

Cheshire memories


I am trying to find Kenny Povey, his mother lived in Little Sutton, Kenny was in Neston area, then I was told he was in Blacon area and then moved down south, would anyone have any idea of where he would be?
Many thanks,
Valerie Waring

Blacon Junior School

My headmaster was Mr Williams, he gave me the ruler across my hand for being late back to school after dinner. He was OK, the two of the teachers I remember most were Miss Croxton (she was so nice and helpful) the other one was Miss Young. She was, to me at 7 years, really old and always cross but she taught us all mental arithmetic, learning the times tables - I never did forget them. I also remember the little shop across from the school run by Granny Green. I would run home from school running a stick across the school railings. If I had to go to the shops I had to take my bike, tyre and a stick... great times!

Broughton, Chester in The 1960s

I lived in Broughton for 26 years from 1954 to 1980. Here are a few words that may bring back some happy memories for readers! The shops: On the corner of Broughton Hall Road (opposite the current car sales) was Francis' Chip Shop, run by Mr and Mrs Francis. It also was also a general shop, too, and I remember at one point Mr Francis had a small cafe area inside. I can remember it having a juke box in the cafe, and even remember putting in a coin to listen to 'The House of The Rising Sun' by the 60s group, 'The Animals'. I remember seeing one day a board outside the door of the shop with a list of names of locals who had not paid their bill! In those days, I think it was fairly common for people to buy 'on tick', to use the expression. Can you imagine such naming and shaming today outside a shop!! Directly opposite to Francis'... Read more

The Best Years

We moved to Dodleston in 1975 and left sadly in 1998. They were the happiest years. My children went to the villiage school and there were just 12 children then. The community feeling was great and the Whelmar estate hadn't been built. The community used to go to the field at the back of St. Mary's Road and we used to play cricket. In the winter my husband and Ken Davey (who were cowmen and worked for John Lloyd at Moat Farm) used to organise a disco in the old village hall and we used to bake scones and make baked potatoes to take down. Sometimes they used to organise a Junior Disco which all the village children thought was great. My husband also used to take the boys for football on a Wednesday afternoon with the Headmistress's permission, Mrs. Robinson. The community spirit was very strong and supportive. They were the best days and I really miss the village although things have... Read more

English at Heart

St Mary-Without-The-Walls And Greenway Street 1906, Chester
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I am an American who went to school in Chester in 1966/67. Rather, should I say, I was registered for school at Chester College. However, I can't say I was actually in the building very often. There just always seemed to be somewhere else to go, and something more interesting to see instead.

I arrived in Chester just as the hippies were raising their flowered heads back here in the beach areas of southern California where I came from, which had interested my new friends in Chester. I remember my new English friend Tristin wearing very, very long hair (for 1966) a burlap caftan and sandles, riding a donkey from the college across the Dee bridge to the Cathedral, while the rest of us followed chanting and waving branches that were supposed to resemble palm fronds of some sort. As I recall, we were the first hippies in Chester, but then I also seem to recall that the very next day we went right back to being Mods.... Read more

Chester in The 1960s And 1970s

St Mary-Without-The-Walls And Greenway Street 1906, Chester
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Chester for me, in the 1960s, was, first, the Museum.  It was a full day out.  The C4 or C3 bus from Overpool or the C6 from Rivacre, small pack of sandwiches and some orange squash in my school haversack and I could spend the day with the Roman Army. Having a very eidetic imagination (I think in pictures) it was easy for me to see those Roman Soldiers marching along.
Later it was rowing with E Port Grammar School where I was a pupil and then the 70s arrived and we had left school and the ports of call then were The Kings Head in Lower Bridge Street, The Boathouse and Quaintways. I became an apprentice watchmaker with W Hyde and Co in Ellesmere Port and often had to go to Chester to collect and deliver engraving to Mr Shoebruck and jewellery repairs to Irwins.
In 1983 I set up a watch and clock repairs workshop above Irwin's Jewellers at the top of Northgate Street and stayed until 1984... Read more

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