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Memories of Salwick

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Lancashire memories

Growing up in Catforth

I was born in Catforth. We lived at Lilac Cottage next to the shop. My parents were Ruth and Frank Carter. Dad worked at Barons as a delivery driver. I have an older sister called Rebecca and an older brother called Roger. I grew up in Catforth and lived there from 1961 until I married in 1982. I attended St Roberts school until it closed down [there was only 12 pupils including myself and my brother attending] and then we went to Catforth primary school on School Lane. It was a wonderful place to live and I have many happy memories of the being there


Blackpool Road c1955, Lea
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The original name of the place was Quinneys, not the Pig and Whistle as previous correspondents have noted. It was built between the wars by my grandfather Jack Swarbrick for my Grandmother (Elizabeth) to run. One of the features of the place (so I'm told) was a sprung dancefloor.

Pig And Whistle

Blackpool Road c1955, Lea
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My aunt, Elizabeth Stanford (nee Burns), died in 1942 in her late 30's, reputedly knocked down and killed by a motorcycle outside this pub. She lived for a while with her parents, Peter and Letitia Burns, in Wesham and later moved with them to Fleetwood. She was married in 1923 but the family have no photographs of her.

Woodplumpton - A Place, A Name or A Sentence?

W O O D P L U M P T O N A place, a name or a sentence? Almost Welsh in its length and complexity, the name conveys the notion of the idyllic countryside, natural food and a well fed community. In olden days when I was a lad, the local village children of Woodplumpton possessed a rural awareness sadly lost today. We all knew of the healing capacity of the dock leaf, could tell the time by the setting sun and could predict the weather by the height of the flying Swifts. Accustomed to the dawn chorus, that magnificent expression of bird song, raising to a crescendo to greet the dawn then gently fading within minutes into the normal background chatter of the blackbirds, the thrushes, the sparrows and so many more of our fellow natives, the daily rhythm of life was at peace with Mother Nature. In those early days, before the speeding traffic and the ghastly light of the street lamps, the stars brightly defined the heavens... Read more

Village Centre

The Village c1965, Freckleton
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I moved to this village in 1967 aged 14. The main building in the centre of the picture is a bank, I think it was the National which later became the National and Westminster Bank. Beyond the bank and to the right on the corner was a Post Office. Hidden by the bank in the same row as the Post Office was a fish and chip shop, the owner used to give us free bags of "bits" from the fryers, usually bits of batter. Out of shot and to the left of the bank was Snape's Butchers. My father built his freezer room for him at the rear of the shop.
To the right of the people shown and out of shot was the C. of E. Primary School which my brothers and sisters went to, this had air-raid shelters in the grounds. This school backed onto the park area, which was paid for by the Americans to commemorate the deaths of 38 infant children, 23 civilians and 3 aircrew... Read more

How Inskip Has Changed so Little

I have lived in Inskip most of my life, it is a nice little village that has changed very little in the past 32 years of my life. My parents have lived in Inskip over 30 years and my nanna a lot longer. The changes I have noticed are a few more houses, the loss of our shop and post office, and HMS Inskip has changed hands.

Royal Navy

It was the long hot summer and I'd been posted to HMS Inskip. We moved into married quarters at
6c Nelson Gardens, don't know if it's still there? We loved it there one of our better postings, we'd love to visit again, we always talk about it. We remember the church and graveyard at the side of us with a little swing park also. Up the road we remember Berts shop and a freezer place where you could get your meat. Down the other road was the estate and further on the Derby Arms pub where we had some good laughs. The Royal Navy bus used to pick us up on a Thursday afternoon to take us shopping. We remember Ann and Linda, can't remember surnames, there was a scottish girl who had a dog called skip and she used to shout in- skip ha, the memories eh, loved it x x

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