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South Bay 1897, Scarborough

South Bay 1897, Scarborough

South Bay 1897, Scarborough Ref: 39329

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Memories of South Bay 1897, Scarborough

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Scarborough & local memories

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Childhood Memories of Scarborough

Peasholm Park c1955, Scarborough
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Family holidays around 1950-52. My great grandparents had married in Scarborough in 1856 so I now understand why we went to places we visited. Peasholm Park; I never forgot as I had been sailing my little blue boat on the lake. My photo was taken in the park near a drinking fountain(?) When I turned to pick my boat up, it had gone. When the photos were developed, it was on the photo so I had been right. Had been told must have left it in lake, must have been in trouble I suppose. I remember the swimming pools and wonderful gardens, my father loved gardens also. The Italian one and I think a Japanese garden with a pagoda(?)....Lasting beautiful memories.

South Bay Pool

The South Bay Pool c1950, Scarborough
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Between 1955 and 1960, on various visits to Scarborough, I and my brother spent many happy hours, at little cost I might add, swimming and playing around the South Bay Pool. In fact it is most likely that I have family photo's taken in the pool area. I remember the bottom being rough rocks and sea weed, and there was a fountain in the pool which no doubt airated the water, which as I remember was sea water. Happy memories.

Great Days

Peasholm Park c1955, Scarborough
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I was also posted to Burniston Barracks from Catterick Camp with the Royal Signals 5 AA Signals Reg. as an OWL and was married just up the road from the barrack's at the local church. Dickie Dors was the paymaster and also we had a great singer there by the name off Jimmy Jack, he was from Scotland.

National Service

Peasholm Park c1955, Scarborough
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In 1955 I was posted from Catterick Camp to Burniston Barracks Scarborough. I believe the barracks have now gone.
It was sited on one of the best vantage points, over looking Peasholm Park, the castle, and views towards the harbour. I thought it was the best posting that I had during my two years as a National Serviceman.
The strange thing that I was unaware of at the time, was that my great grandmother was born not far away in Rillington. Now how could a London lad like me have known a thing like that? I may have had relatives close by.
Her name was Anne Blenkin, just in case there are still family members around.   

Happy Days

Peasholm Park c1955, Scarborough
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Having been so lucky as to spend my childhood in a big house in Royal Avenue and spending many long summer evenings playing cricket on the beach with my grandad I have always wanted to return to Scarborough.  In particular the Zoo & Marineland hold many memories - unfortunatley there isn't a lot of info about this special place. I remember the laughing clown on the north bay that my cousin was terrified of (as he's now a barrister he's conveniently forgotten). Not forgetting the magical lights at Peasholm Park. I also remember the old grannies waiting for the wrestling to start - for some reason this sticks in my mind.
I'm now in my mid 40s and now live in Wales - however I am relocating back to Scarborough later this year - at last. Better late than never


Boat Entering The Harbour c1955, Scarborough
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Wow, nice to see this picture of my Grandfather, Will Appleby in his rowing boat "Cynthia". He used this boat to take passengers from the beach and did so until he was 77 years old. The boat was licensed to carry 7 passengers, and fares were a shilling for adults and sixpence for children for a 30minute ride!

Scarborough Holidays

South Bay c1960, Scarborough
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All our family holidays when I was a child were taken at Scarborough, where my parents and I stayed with two spinsters who were old family friends, in Whin Bank. I suppose I first went in the early 1960s, and my last visit was 1973. I loved those holidays, whether taken during the summer, or occasionally at Easter: roaming along the cliff top birdwatching, or with a bucket-and-spade on the beach and ice creams, seeing "The King and I" in Peasholm Park (what year was that?) and a young Tom Baker in a Noel Coward at the Theatre in the Round, or journeying inland to the lovely Moors or down to Spurn Point (birding again!). The walk through Raincliffe Woods and by Throxenby Mere was a pleasant ritual. Occasionally we would venture to Bridlington or Filey or Whitby, but we 'knew' that Scarborough was the best!

Happy Childhood Holidays

The Castle 1890, Scarborough
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Scarborough holds so many happy memories for me as most of my family holidays were taken there. Having a kindly aunt and uncle to stay with made it the most enjoyable place to be. I still like to visit the old haunts whenever I am able to visit the town and unlike many places, it does not seem to change for the worse.

The Anastasia Spaceship Ride

I first saw the spaceship ride when I was eight. Myself and two sisters, Audrey and Janet lived at Whitby Road Childrens' Home (formely Whitby Road Union Workhouse). In short, our family had been broken apart by something nasty. Our mum worked at Dulverton Hall so she could be near us. When she could, she would take us to Scarborough for days out, that's when I saw the space ship ride - lots of people went on the ride, but mum couldn't afford it so we didn't get to have a go. Mum and Audrey are dead now, and only Janet and I remain. I managed to obtain pictures of the workhouse which was demolished in 1974. We lived at Old Malton Gate before all the troubles. If anyone has photos, film or such, it would be great. Many thanks, E. Kendall.

Throxenby Hall

Throxenby Hall was a community home, I had the best years of my childhood there, I was there from 1969-74. All the staff were great, I had so much fun. I went to Newby Juniors before moving up to Scalby School, a very good school. Throxenby Hall had a sloping field with a football pitch, the slope made it difficult to play football but we had fun trying. The grounds had loads of tree houses and ropes to swing on as well as an outdoor swimming pool. I remember the cellar, playing loud music, the activity house where the upstairs had a huge model train set that went through two rooms, the place was huge. Even had a big orchard where you could pick apples, plums and goose gogs, all the kids were well cared for, a brilliant place to live when you were young.

39th Signal Regiment at Annual Camp in Scarborough

I signed up for the Territorial Army and was posted to the Royal Corps of Signals in 1967. but after serving for two years in the Manchester area I relocated to London and - just my luck - one of my first annual camps with my new 39th Signal Regiment was back up north in Scarborough!

The barracks were just about OK but the off duty hours were spent in the surrounding glorious countryside. My girlfriend at that time was Elizabeth and I guess it was all those off-duty hours we spent together that quickly led to our engagement in the summer of 1970. We married the year after and here we are in 2008 thinking of our ruby wedding anniversary coming up in 2011 !! Strange to tell but I have never been back to Scarborough although Elizabeth, by then my wife, did return with the regiment a year or so later.

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