Seaburn, The Esplanade c.1960

Seaburn, The Esplanade c.1960

Neg. S340003

Memories of Seaburn

Arkles Cafe

Hi Ann! I remember your cafe and Jim and you very well. Just returned to UK after 33 years in South Africa. How is your memory? The name is 'Cliff' Clavering. I'm now living near Cambridge. If you see this give me a call on 01353 864 428.

I Fell In Love There Xx

I had never been to the north of England, I am a Cockney London girl, four years ago I met my angel of the north, I came to Seaburn where he lived, I love the place and the people, for the first time in my life I felt a ...Read full memory

A memory of Seaburn by Gillian Marison

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