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Maxwells of Selborne

High Street c1965, Selborne
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The brother of my 5xgt grandfather William Maxwell, was Thomas Maxwell, born in Harting in 1754. Thomas and Elizabeth's son Henry Maxwell, born 1807 in Harting, was by the census of 1841 living in Selborne with his wife Jane and two sons, Henry Thomas Maxwell and George Alfred Maxwell and daughter Emma Jane. Henry was listed as a Grocer and Draper and this business continued into the 1900s, run by his son Henry. Henry Thomas marries Jane Maria Waterman in 1861 and they have three children, George, William and Kate. His sister Emma Jane marries John Waterman in 1868, perhaps a brother of Jane Maria... The last Maxwell in the village, I think, was Henry George Selborne Maxwell, son of George, who lived to a ripe old age of 97! In the introduction to Gilbert White's book 'The Natural History & Antiquities Of Selborne & A Garden Kalendar', the editor Richard Bowdler Sharpe writes - "Mr Henry Maxwell of Selborne, who has helped me so much in the elucidation of the history... Read more


High Street c1965, Selborne
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We lived on the outskirts of selborne, my parents and three brothers and sister, at Lower Noar Hill Farm and Homestead Farm. My great-grandparents, grandparents and parents farmed the land between Selborne Common and Noar Hill for more than 70 years. Before us it was the Ganders, who later emigrated to Canada for health reasons. My other grandparents lived in Goslings Croft in the village.

My father was secretary of the Selborne Cricket Club for more than 20 years and actively involved in the youth club and parish council. My grandparents delivered milk by horse and cart to the villagers in the 40s and 50s. In our time there was the greengrocers owned by Grace and Roy Hayward, and of course Bubbles in the middle of the village. Mr Gallop was the butcher and in the early days there was I believe also a 'supermarket' in what became in my days the antique shop near the Plestor. I opened my first... Read more

Hampshire memories

The Stywards

St Leonard's Church 2004, Hartley Mauditt
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My Stuart family is buried at this church. I would like to see more pictures of this church inside such as the stained glass and crypt. I have a great interest in this family 1550 1625. Various spellings for my family name are Stiward, Styward, Stewart, Steward, and Stuart.
Best Wishes, Richard.

Farringdon Beat

I was the village beat bobby from 1983 until 1994, I lived in the police house in lower Farringdon, I covered the villages of Chawton, Newton Valence and east Tisted.I was PC 1609 Clive Cutts, but later changed my surname back to Renowden. I made some good friends in the village, and I miss my late friend Joe Lonsdale. I am now retired from the Hampshire Police and live back in my native Cornwall. anyone in the village who knew me. please contact me at

Family Bible

I have recently been given for safe-keeping a family Bible listing dates of family births, deeaths and marriages and christenings, all within the village of Farringdon and the church of All Saints. The earliest record was dated 1757. My great-great-grandmother was Mary Knight who married William Newell from Arylsford, their daughter Ellen Sophia was my great-grandmother and she married George Radfod from the village of Bentley in Hampshire. They all lived in Farringdon during periods of their lives. The surname Christmas is mentioned a lot as godmother or godfather and while visiting the churchyard I found a gravestone with this name on it.

My Memories of Longmoor

I was born at the Louise Margaret Hospital at Aldershot while my father was RSM at Longmoor, then of course the home of the well known Longmoor Military Railway. I was christened at the St Martin's Garrison Church. Last time I visited Longmoor the site of the church was just grass but with the trees still standing that were around it, it may have changed again since. Dad was RSM there from 1950 to 1953 when he was posted to the TA at Braintree, Essex; I think his replacement at Longmoor was Lofty Pearce. My sister was born in our quarter, 3 Quorn Terrace. I think Longmoor is responsible for my life long interest in railways. The railway was closed in 1969 and is now almost completely gone, but there are still some relics left here and there. Last time I visited there were some rails still fixed in the concrete road by the depot along Longmoor Road from Greatham and at Liss the platform, shelter and... Read more

Longmoor Camp.

I lived in Longmoor Camp for quite a few years, I was in the Boy Scouts, I think it was the 1st or 10th Longmoor Scout Group. My dad was in the R A M C and was the staff sergeant at the hospital. I belong to the St Martins in the Field Church Choir and often sung solo, one of my good pals was Derrick "ding"  Tarling. I took part in the bonfire chain for the Coronation with the Scouts and took part in the film 'The 39 Steps' around about 1953, we sat in the windows of the bullet, I was wearing a white shirt which can easly be seen. I was one of the kids who built a large stone man on the ground! We thought it could be seen from outer space, hey we were only kids, but it makes great memories. I wonder if anybody out there remembers me?

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