Shamley Green, The Hallams, Hallams Heath c.1955

Shamley Green, The Hallams, Hallams Heath c.1955

Neg. S103026

Memories of Shamley Green

My Childhood Garded Part Iv

If I remember correctly, a white climbing rose grew up one side of the arch and a red on the other. The path continued straight through the archway, and led up the garden to the two wooden sheds at the top of the garden. To the right immediately after the archway, another path led behind the rose-covered ...Read full memory

The Hallams

The Hallams belonged to my family (my father's line - Charles Arthur Champneys Hodgson) for many years, until the 1950s l believe. l would dearly love to know any information about the Hodgson family who lived there, pre-second world war and 19th century. Any memories, photos or connections would be very much appreciated. My email is

The Blacksmiths

Having moved to the village with my family in 1965 I rememeber this to be the old forge and watching the blacksmith shoeing horses. Next door was the post office with a small telephone exchange and a phone box that would cost 2p to make a call.

A memory of Shamley Green

Warn's Garage

My family moved here next to the garage in 1965, I would have been only a year old. We lived at Chestnut Cottage until about 1977 or 78. I remember the long hot summer of 1976 and work being done on the Malt House.  My dad sometimes worked behind the bar in the pub next door as well as the garage. I used to walk the ...Read full memory

A memory of Shamley Green

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