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Hewson Street

Adding to yesterday's input about Hewson Street in Sheriff Hill; I remember it so well! From the west end, at the square where Billy Howarth had his coal business, I remeber Alan Freeland, and his mother 'Boxer.' Then 'Nutty' and 'Ginger Wood. The next along was a Mr Lewis who had a secondhand shop down Gateshead, then Audrey Reece, whose grandfather was the local bookie, and below them lived the Erringtons (their son Bob was in the Navy and made a rescue mission up the Yangtze River). Next were the Angles and then Eleanor Veitch, and below them my grandparents Jim and Violet Armstrong, and my aunt Jean (who still lives in Sheriff Hill). Then the Hoggs, and he lost an eye working at 'Clarkies,' and above them a great aunt Annie Wales, who was widowed in the First World War. Her son Freddy lived all of his life in Sheriff Hill. Then there were the twins, John and Maureen Hall (no relation - although I met up with John years later when we were both working in Zambia). Then Mary Fleming (or Foster) and that's about as far along as I recall. Everyone used the back lane to access the houses as the front had a sidewalk, but then it was just their air raid shelters, and the 'bankies' down to Blue Quarries Road and Hodkin Park. Further along Windy Nook Road there were 'bankies' there, opposite the QE, and I remember there was a Boy Scout Shed on the 'bankies.' Further along there were the 'Aged Miners' Cottages. On the Windy Nook Road, I only remember the Cloughs, my great-grandmother Annie Wales, and Beryl Bourne. I went to Sheriff Hill Primary School and moved from Windy Nook Road to Glynwood Gardens when I was 11, and after passing the 11+, went to Whitehall Road school. (Incidentally Glynwood School wasn't built then and we used to play football in the field there.) My father worked at Heworth Colliery until it closed, and then worked at Washington 'F' Colliery until his retirement. Robert Hall, Katy, TEXAS

Written by Robert Hall. To send Robert Hall a private message, click here.

A memory of Sheriff Hill in Tyne and Wear shared on Wednesday, 11th November 2009.

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RE: Hewson Street

I was Pat McGrath...I moved to Coniston Gardens in 1946, went to Sheriff Hill Primary School until 1953 then to Whitehall Road school and left in 1957. I migrated to Australia when I was 21 and my memories are not nearly so good as yours. I remember the places you mention and spent a lot of my time playing on the Heather Hills at the top of the street. Blacklock's scrap yard was over our back fence and my best friend was Merlyn Blacklock, Betty Blacklock was my sister Jean's best friend. The pit heap was where Coniston Place is now and was great for sledging in the snow. My Grandmother was Emily Hall (married name McGrath), and most of her family is from Windy Nook and Blue Quarries Road. Her father William died in Hewson Street in 1911. I remember spending time in Hodkin Park, John Steel, whose parents had the wet fish shop on the opposite corner to the Zion Chapel (I attended there too) was part of the 'gang'. John went on to become the drummer in The Animals. The iron gate in the park closed on my head and spit it open, had to go to the QE to get stitches and screamed the place down. My dad, Charlie, was a miner but I can't remember which pit. I remember going to the sweetie shop with ration coupons, and the store on Windy Nook Road. Memories, memories.

Comment from Pat McLaren on Thursday, 21st July 2011.

RE: Hewson Street

I grew up in Hewson Street, my parents were Peggy and Ernie Gills and we lived with my grandparents, Meg and Bill (Scottie) Jackson. We used to have a little corner shop called Robbies, and on Sod House Bank was Stainthorps butchers. Across the road was a sweet shop called Charnwoods - we used to buy our sweets in there on our way to school. Ii remember wash days with the old poss tub and mangle, the coal man dumping a ton of coal outside the door, which had to be shovelled into the coal house - hard work, but good fun. I have so many happy memories of Sherriff Hill. Hewson street was demolished in the 70s and is now a new estate.

Comment from Maureen Gills on Friday, 6th April 2012.


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