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Pretty Corner 1921, Sheringham

Pretty Corner 1921, Sheringham

Pretty Corner 1921, Sheringham Ref: 70998

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Grand Hotel Sheringham

Grand Hotel 1901, Sheringham
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I watched, with my young son, this wonderful Victorian building being demolished in 1974. Being such a huge Hotel, it became untenable. Part of it was, I recall made into flats, but after a time this apparently was not popular. So like The Sheringham Hotel, the inevitable was decided. I am completely dedicated to collecting vintage postcards of Sheringham. I would like to know when The Mo (a house overlooking the east promenade), was demolished. Also why the 12 cottages known as Seaview Terrace, which overlook East Promenade (adjacent to the car park)), were built in three sections. The four either end, being constructed first (I have photographs), then afterwards the four middle ones.


From West Cliff 1896, Sheringham
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This photograph illustrates all too well the erosion of the cliffs. The profile of Beeston Bump seen in the background of this photograph compared with to day shows just how much land we have lost. My father used to speak of playing football as a boy on level ground beyond Beeston Bump, that is on the seaward side of the bump. Just off camera the Grand Hotel is under construction due for completion in 1896, two years after this photograph was taken. In fact the only Victorian purpose built hotel in the vilage at the time was Sheringham Hotel built in 1889. On the stones there are beach tents and some of these larger tents were constructed using four oars. There is only one breakwater visible in the photograph and then none at all for as far as the... Read more

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel 1901, Sheringham
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I have just obtained a print of Sheringham promenade with a building on the left on top of a hill. I searched through these photos and came across the Grand Hotel - and that is the building in my picture. The date is 1890s. Does anyone know if this building still stands and if so is it still a hotel, or something else?
Thank you.

The Beach

Fishermen 1906, Sheringham
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When I look at these old photos, Sheringham has not changed that much, it's very strange though seeing the old Grand Hotel.  I used to take the ponies round the roundabout as a young child to earn money during the summer. The water trough is still there but full of flowers instead of horses' noses.

Names of Lifeboatmen....

Fishermen 1906, Sheringham
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The gentleman laying on the ground in the front is my great grandfather John 'Teapot' West.  He was a fisherman and lifeboatman but also well known for being a 'Fisherman Evangelist'.  Together with William Craske and William Long he was a Methodist Preacher for over 50 years.  They travelled throughout the county preaching and after visitors heard them they appeared at rallies in such places as London, Birmingham and Liverpool.  These fishermen/lifeboatmen were strong, brave and somewhat exceptional men.  There is a phrase used which I think fits them beautifully - 'Iron Men in Wooden Boats'. Pictured from left: 1. Henry 'Joyful' West 2. Wilson Able (with pipe) 3. Grice (in the background - unsure of Christian name) 4. 'Brighams' Bishop 5. 'Joyful' West (father of Henry - No 1) 6. John 'Sparrow' Hardingham (Young Lad) 7. John 'Rook' Reynolds 8. 'Potter' Hardingham (leaning on boat - father of John - No 6) 9. 'Fiddy' West (seated) 10. John 'Teapot' West (laying on ground). Fishermen nearly all had nicknames.... Read more

Sheringham, What A Welcoming Place

I was a regular visitor when we were stationed at West. Beckham RAF Station. We would bike down that steep hill at Upper (it was murder going back!). I remember the theatre, the picture house, the crab sandwiches on the seafront, the rippling pebbles on the steep beach, the lifeboathouse, it even had a girl called Marigold, I had never heard that name before, she worked at one of the shops near the theatre. I do hope she is alive and well. If her friend had not smoked we might have had a long term relationship. I have heard that they are to build a big superstore, don't let them spoil that lovely little town, a little jewel, that's why I still remember it well. David W S.

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