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NEW - County Memories series

We are proud to present the new County Memories series from The Francis Frith Collection. This wonderful set of paperbacks showcases the unique stories of Cornwall, Cheshire, Devon, Surrey, Sussex, the Thames Valley and Yorkshire with fine historical photographs, maps, traditional recipes, heritage and industry, archaeology, fascinating local facts and folklore.

Books from this stunning NEW series from The Francis Frith Collection are available for Was $30.00  Now $24.00.


Titles in the "County Memories" series

Selected pages from our "County Memories" series

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Selected page from Cornwall County Memories Selected page from Yorkshire County Memories Selected page from Sussex County Memories Selected page from Thames Valley County Memories
History, folklore and fascinating facts

Each book in the "County Memories" series is bursting with information snippets and fascinating facts about the area. Learn about the Helston Furry Dance and the Padstow 'Obby 'Oss (Cornwall), the ancient monuments of Cornwall, boating on the Thames and "Three Men in a Boat" (Thames Valley), Titus Salt and Saltaire (Yorkshire), William Wilberforce (Yorkshire), the silk industry of Macclesfield and Congleton (Cheshire), Cheshire's salt industry, Curious Surrey, Surrey Watermills, Sussex and the Devil, the River Ouse Railway Viaduct (Sussex), Eddystone Lighthouse (Devon), and Haunted Devon... to name but a few!

A delicious journey through our culinary heritage

Every book in our "County Memories" series features traditional locally-inspired recipes, such as - Yorkshire Curd Tart, Cod, Lemon and Lime Fishcakes, Buckinghamshire Cherry Bumpers, Reading Sauce, Stargazy Pie, Saffron Cake, Cheshire Cheese Soup, Cheshire Onion Pie, Trout in Watercress and Cream Sauce, Surrey Churdles, Chiddingly Hot Pot, Arundel Mullet, Devonshire Splits, Devonshire Squab Pie - simply delicious!

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NEW - County Memories series
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