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Customised Ordnance Survey historical maps

These superb reproductions of first-edition historical Ordnance Survey maps can be centred on your house or any postcode in England and Wales.

  • Authentic reproductions of first-edition Ordnance Survey maps drawn between 1840 and 1930
  • Packed with fascinating finely-reproduced detail
  • Look out for your house if it was built at the time, or its site if it wasn't
  • Covers 2 miles by 1 mile
  • Map size is 420 x 297 mm

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Examples of the high quality of these Maps

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Sample map

Close up of detail

Another sample map

Close up of detail

Compass rose

Close up of map title

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Ordnance Survey Maps - a bit of background

In 1791 the Board of Ordnance established a body to survey Britain; the first 1-inch map, which showed Kent, was produced in 1801. The other counties of the United Kingdom followed. Surveying involved the laborious measuring and mapping of a myriad topographical features, including hills, roads, field boundaries, houses and woods.

These special first-edition maps were updated as the Victorian age progressed; new roads and railways were added, and major new buildings such as factories, gas and water works marked. It is from these enhanced 6-inch maps that the Frith Ordnance Survey maps have been created.

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