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Northamptonshire memories

Tiffield Village School

I have many memories of the village school which I visited regularly during my childhood. I was named after Lynda Brown, a very close friend of my parents, who ran the school. She had been headteacher of the school for some time when I first started visiting her round about l956. I stayed with her in the school house attached to the school. At that time the school had a very good reputation and a very high pass rate for the Eleven plus. I notice that there is very little history of the schools' early years and no mention of her. Lynda Brown retired and moved to a house named Beggers Roost in Northampton and I lost touch with her. I found out later that she had passed away after a fire at her home. She was very friendly with the village post mistress, Miss Jones. They both came to Long Eaton (where I lived) from time to time, to visit her sister. The robbery, when Miss Jones was... Read more

St John's School

I remember the Sunday March to Tiffield Church from St John's School and return. I remember masters there - Betteridge, Faid, Wooley and the young lads 'lusting' after Headmaster's daughter!! The good teaching received there.
My 'friends' and our adventures on our 'Day Out', Sinnott jumping into the canal to give us an excuse for returning late to school ... whatever happened to them all??? 'Ricky' Richardson, 'Wiggy' Roberts and many others!! The friendly villagers. The 1st Tiffield Scout Troop at St Johns. My becoming Troop Leader. The trips to cinema in Towcester, Northampton. Cricket, football, played at school playing fields.  Memories I have carried through my life.  Returning from a 'Task' with RAF in late 1980s, I saw St John's empty, looking forlorn. No doubt a factory or housing estate now in 2008. What is Tiffield like now? Are there any persons 'Out There' who have similar memories?

I enjoyed my stay there, 1948/51. Then National Service called just as I returned home to Bristol. The 'Lads' came... Read more

Swimming Pool

Any of you remember the swimming pool that was built by the kids who where there, Mr Cliff was the instructor while that was being built, I got there just at the very end of it being built. After I was there for awhile I joined Mr Cliffs building class and became a bricklayer, and it served me good until 1976, then I got to the point I couldn't do it no more over here in Florida, as it was to hot. I did work on the new class rooms there and after placing the memorial stone in the first building I was allowed to go home.Thanks Tiffield.

St Johns School

I was a boy at St Johns when it was known as an approved school (1966 to 1969). I had some great times, going out to play all sports. All the staff were good, no one was really strict. My house master was from Wales, a Mr Sullivan. Masters like Mr Twigg, Mr Bell and the headmaster was Mr Barsby (we called him Ticker Barsby). I was in Wake house. Mr Walters was second in charge at the school, he was mad keen on Rugby. Anyways, I am 60 now and I can honestly say it never did me any harm. Where have all the good times gone?

Caning of A Scalliwag

I hated every second of that place, I was caned and hit by Mr E and by my housemaster on a regular basis for having a bit of spirit. They would go to jail today for what they did to me, I never forgot and I never will. I think about it every day, it was not 'firm but fair', it was brutal (as I know). My scars are in my head not on my backside, as they frequently was. That was my memories of good old St Johns. As you can see, not good memories for me.


Now living in Australia, when we think of England we think of the Brave Old Oak when it was kept by Tony and Sylvia Hackett. What a magical Inn, what a magnificient couple, they represented everything unique about English Innkeeping. Friends tell us it is now a pigstye patronised by yobs, a disgrace to a lovely English Market Town

A5 Rangers Cycling Club

Does anyone else remember the A5 Rangers? I was one of the early members of this cycling club - at weekends groups of us, boys and girls, would cycle all over the county, singing as we went. We usually stopped for tea somewhere - most often at Marsh Gibbon - before making the journey back to Towcester. Our meeting room was a cottage, off the Watling Street, which was loaned to us by Mr England - both he and his daughter Mavis were keen members of the club. My cycling days are well behind me now, but I'd love to know if the club is still in existence, or hear from old members, who may remember me as Snowy.

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