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Shute memories

Here are memories of Shute and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Shute or a Shute photo.

Memories of Shute - 1939-1941

It may seem strange for a male to offer these memories but boys were accepted in junior forms and I was at Shute School from the summer of 1939 until the Easter term 1941. I and my sister, known as Ba Gauld, joined after returning from three years in India. During that first term I remember lunch on the lawn sitting on benches and eating at low tables, discovering the foul taste of beetroot which had looked so appetising to someone who had never seen it before. The lawn between the two massive cedar trees provided a natural stage for a performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", probably in the summer of 1940. I remember that Miss Tonge, a rather masculine looking teacher played the part of Bottom. My sister played the part of the smallest fairy and as the fairy band swept hand-in-hand across the stage, Elaine Ratcliffe who was the penultimate fairy in the chain lost her grip on the next fairy in line so that the two of... Read more

Cold, Sports, The Worst 4 Years of my Life

Shute School c1955, Shute
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Hi, I never expected to see anything related to Shute School. Yes there was cold porridge and great midnight feasts and if you were one of the lacrosse team, and won, a "lovely" tea. I do remember, because of the cold, having a hot water bottle under my jumper during classes and, hold on there, all the girls lying on Mahdi's floor in her beautiful office with view to the sea, listening to classical music after Sunday lunch (I was usually under the grand piano and couldn't see the ceiling. I also remember, as a "senior", having the privilege of cycling to a church other than the local vicar's; matron tied back my hair under the green hat we were forced to wear ("can't be too pretty") and every morning before breakfast, check by matron for clean ears and nails before "descending" the main staircase. Don't remember the gardener's son, but do remember our latin/religion teacher (a man in his 80's) and the french teacher, in a wheelchair. The best... Read more

Shute School in The 50s!

Shute School c1955, Shute
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Anne must have left Shute School a few years before I started there!! I remember a fantastic cold spring with an old fashioned pump in the "grounds" of the gate house. Always very welcome when we had biked to Colyton and back on a Saturday afternoon!! And the water was always ice cold even on the hottest day.

Shute in The Early 1950s

Shute School c1955, Shute
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As Anne Tilbrook, I was a pupil at Pippins and then Shute, from 1950-53. I vividly remember Feb. 6, 1952, when the girl who rang the bell for change of classes brought us the news that King George VI had died. We all cried and Mrs. Clapp, our math teacher, led a spirited lesson on lung cancer. Few linked it to smoking in those days. I had a pash on a girl called Helen Roth - all very innocent in those days. The only other student's name I remember was Heather Spears. We did G and S in the gorgeous old theatre, played vigorous lacrosse and indifferent tennis. I had a tortoise - and I remember the crocodile lines going to church on Sunday and to a pantomime in the village - where I remember hearing the song 'Little White Duck' for the first time. We also did a school trip to Lyme Regis, perhaps by train? I recall a wonderful cello recital in Mardi's study and showings of great... Read more

Lesley Manning

Shute School c1955, Shute
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I attended Pippins the Shute prep school in 1946, we used to go to Shute school occasionally, once for a May Day play when I had to carry a doll. we swam in the river in Axminster and went on the train to Lyme Regis on a Sunday. Can anyone tell me when Shute School closed? Lesley Manning

Shute School 1963-1965

Shute School c1955, Shute
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I attended Shute School from 1963 to 1965 (my surname was then Vincent). My memories are reasonably food orientated: Midnight Feasts, wonderful afternoon teas when visiting schools came for sports, terrible porridge which you HAD to eat especially when placed on "Mardi's" (the headmistress) table. Lacross, netball. All the girls in love with the gardener's boy who was the only male in evidence.

School Memories

Shute School c1955, Shute
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I attended Shute School from 1958 to 1963. My memories are of Halloween parties in the gym,midnight feasts and drama performances in the theatre. Every Satuday afternoon we went for long walks in the surrounding countryside. Summer half terms were spent with my parents at nearby Beer!!

Broken Windows

I remember arriving fresh from Singapore and having to visit the loo during the night. It was absolutely freezing and one of the windows in the bathroom was broken letting in a vicious cold blast of air! I staggered back to a lumpy bed thinking I had landed in the jaws of hell! I remember more of the older girls, one with a wonderful name - Audrey Doreen Dennison-Wiggins I believe! Mardi was my guardian as my parents were overseas - I hated Lacrosse!

The kitchen was scary with ancient dishwashers making a racket, I was terrified for months but eventually settled down. Was transferred to boarding school in New Zealand a year later which changed my life for the better.

Shute Memoir

I was at Shute from 1969 to 1974, when it closed. In fact, I was the final head girl. But only by default! My sister and school pals have spent hours over the years telling the same old stories and so I have finally decided to write a memoir. It won't be frightfully flattering, but I think our experience is the closest you will find to a real St. Trinians. If anyone out there remembers me or my sister Judy, it would be great to hear from you. Carolyn

Memories of Devon

My Birthplace During WW2

I was born in Woodbine House at the bottom of your 1907 Market Square picture on the left-hand side, just in front of the post office/newsagent as it became.You have a picture of a window cleaner also in 1907 and that is the shop I am talking about. My grandfather owned both premises and had moved some wives of his sons to Devon during the war, when the boys (my uncles) had all joined the RAF. My family moved to Notting Hill in 1946, but I remember growing up with many holidays seeing granddad in Woodbine House until he died in 1954 and followed by many later teenage years with other relatives in Seaton. I remember the Underwoods farm near Colyton and my parents always had their turkeys and eggs sent up at Christmas time. Mainly in return for the way they were looked after during the war, but upon reflection probably also had something to do with ration coupons! My mum thoroughly enjoyed the local people who were always... Read more

East Steet (Renamed Dolphin Street)

Queen Square 1907, Colyton
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My Uncle Henry Haskell Hooper, owned Ivy House, East Street, the adjoining premises was his shop and yard. He was the local painter and decorator. I was born in Ivy House December 2nd 1940. My mother was the sister of Lillian Hooper (Nee Cooper)

David Broughton

The Post Office

Post Office c1965, Musbury
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I grew up in Combpyne but I remember that we used to have a van that came up to the village from Musbury 2 or 3 times a week with everything any body might need from paraffin to bread.  I remember the man who owned the post office then was called John Fenner.  My Mum and Dad always had a friendly banter with him.  I recall my mum teasing him and calling him butter fingers because he was always dropping things.  Nobody was more distressed than Mum when he came and said he was giving up the round because he had M.S. But they remained friends until John and his family moved.     

The School

The Village c1960, Offwell
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I think 1960 was the year my mother (Joyce Baxfield) was appointed headmistress at Offwell School.  She had been head teacher at Cotleigh before this.  I grew up riding my pony all around the area and have many fond memories, including taking a day off school to attend the hunt when it met right here in the picture!!  It was a blissful childhood and I am sure many of the friends I made then are still living in the area.   

Southleigh, Devon

The Village c1960, Offwell
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My direct line ancestors were farmers in Southleigh, Devon and farmed at various farms including Morganhayes, Wadden, Tottiskey. Where I have found them on the census returns. My maiden name was Hawkins. My great grandparents are buried in the cemetery in between Southleigh and Colyton. They were non comformists and my great great great grandmothers family (the Padys ) formed the Methodist church in Colyton, Devon.

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