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Memories of Shute

Shute School C.1965 1969

Shute was a very strict English boarding school, which we were told was once the home of Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for nine days, at which time she was beheaded. The long standing rumor was that on a full moon, you could she the ghost of Lady Jane Grey walk up the hill, infront of the school at midnight, ...Read full memory

A memory of Shute

Memories Of Shute 1939 1941

It may seem strange for a male to offer these memories but boys were accepted in junior forms and I was at Shute School from the summer of 1939 until the Easter term 1941. I and my sister, known as Ba Gauld, joined after returning from three years in India. During that first term I remember lunch on the lawn ...Read full memory

A memory of Shute by John Gauld

Shute School In The 50s!

Anne must have left Shute School a few years before I started there!! I remember a fantastic cold spring with an old fashioned pump in the "grounds" of the gate house. Always very welcome when we had biked to Colyton and back on a Saturday afternoon!! And the water was always ice cold even on the hottest day.

A memory of Shute by Alyth Long

Broken Windows

I remember arriving fresh from Singapore and having to visit the loo during the night. It was absolutely freezing and one of the windows in the bathroom was broken letting in a vicious cold blast of air! I staggered back to a lumpy bed thinking I had landed in the jaws of hell! I remember more of the older girls, one with a ...Read full memory

A memory of Shute by Jan Gamm

Shute School 1963 1965

I attended Shute School from 1963 to 1965 (my surname was then Vincent). My memories are reasonably food orientated: Midnight Feasts, wonderful afternoon teas when visiting schools came for sports, terrible porridge which you HAD to eat especially when placed on "Mardi's" (the headmistress) table. Lacross, netball. All the girls in love with the gardener's boy who was the only male in evidence.

A memory of Shute by Wendy Swinburn

School Memories

I attended Shute School from 1958 to 1963. My memories are of Halloween parties in the gym,midnight feasts and drama performances in the theatre. Every Satuday afternoon we went for long walks in the surrounding countryside. Summer half terms were spent with my parents at nearby Beer!!

A memory of Shute by Jane Rawnsley

Shute School, 1971 To 1974

I was only there for two and a half years, but it is still very memorable. I traveled to the school from London and there would be a separate carriage for the school. From Axminster station we rode a bus up to the school. We always sang the Vietnam song ("And it's 1,2,3 What're you fighting for") as it seemed like our ...Read full memory

Shute Memoir

I was at Shute from 1969 to 1974, when it closed. In fact, I was the final head girl. But only by default! My sister and school pals have spent hours over the years telling the same old stories and so I have finally decided to write a memoir. It won't be frightfully flattering, but I think our experience is the closest you will ...Read full memory

A memory of Shute by Carolyn Bastick

Cold, Sports, The Worst 4 Years Of My Life

Hi, I never expected to see anything related to Shute School. Yes there was cold porridge and great midnight feasts and if you were one of the lacrosse team, and won, a "lovely" tea. I do remember, because of the cold, having a hot water bottle under my jumper during classes and, hold on there, all the ...Read full memory

A memory of Shute by Marion Barton

Lesley Manning

I attended Pippins the Shute prep school in 1946, we used to go to Shute school occasionally, once for a May Day play when I had to carry a doll. we swam in the river in Axminster and went on the train to Lyme Regis on a Sunday. Can anyone tell me when Shute School closed? Lesley Manning

A memory of Shute by Lesley Jones

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