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There was no other ice-cream to compare with Valcos. My grandma Mayer lived in Church Street, and a nice treat for me as a child to go to Valcos...Very happy times and the ice-cream parlour, may I say, holds many special memories to us Silverdale pensioners.

Valco Icecream Palour

Italian born Goffredo Valco known to the locals as Alf was my great grandfather he along with his wife Maud owned and ran the icecream palour on the bottom on crown bank. I would love to hear any memories of my great grandparents and their business.

Staffordshire memories

I Remember The House, The Church, The School Teacherd

I am just feeling old as none of my younger relatives even knew Leycett existed. I don't know what happened to everyone who lived there, all I want to know is about my dad's side of the family (Bloors) all his relatives....anything, I know so little.

The Old Mainline Station

One of my earliest memories was as a child on a Sunday morning, still in my pyjamas, being driven to Madeley by my Dad to watch the trains go by. Standing on the footbridge, which is still there, and looking along the line in the distance for the appearance of smoke, so you knew a train was coming. Being only little, it was possible (until electrification) to see through the girder bridge quite a way along the lines - the 'up' lines to London and the 'down' lines to Crewe. Sometimes it would be really exciting if the Royal Scot or The Pines Express or other named LMS trains went through, or disappointing if it was a slow goods train. Either way, if the wind was blowing in a particular way you would get covered in smoke on the bridge. Even when the station closed and was demolished the footbridge remained, and I have taken my own children to this spot on many occasions. Now the electric high speed... Read more

Monkey Run

The Boulevard 1959, Tunstall
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The Boulevard used to be Station Road and was the local monkey run on Sat and Sunday nights, where young teenagers male and female used to walk up and down


Brownhill's High School For Girls c1955, Tunstall
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doctor bright


Brownhill's High School For Girls c1955, Tunstall
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miss newark

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