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Sixpenny Handley memories

Here are memories of Sixpenny Handley and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Sixpenny Handley or a Sixpenny Handley photo.

Growing up in Handley

Frogmore Pond c1950, Sixpenny Handley
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My family moved to Handley in 1947 and I spent the rest of my childhood there. Our family name is Harris and my parents were Drs Paul and Zoe , they had five children. We lived off the road to Deanland. I never could work out all the Day family, there were an awful lot of them! A Mr Violet Day and a Mrs Elsie Churchill, helped Mum. I agree all the Frith photos shown seem some what earlier than the 50's. Frogmore Pond by that stage was much smaller and was behind a hedge. No horse could have drunk from it standing on the roadside. A Mr Sheasby farmed Frogmore Farm then. The only cart horses I knew were owned by the Dibben's at Upwood, Tom Cuff was their carter. I remember taking my pony to be shod at Mr Keats, his forge was at the last house in the village on the Salisbury Road. Granny Sheen from Deanland still drove her pony to market days in Salisbury.... Read more

Sixpenny Handley, The Roe Buck Inn

The Roe Buck Hotel c1950, Sixpenny Handley
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My ancester Edward Dutch built and ran this hotel after the village fire in 1892
- as recorded in the censuses of the time. Take a look at my family history at

Alexander Charles Day

Frogmore Pond And Vicarage c1950, Sixpenny Handley
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This photo is of my Grandfather, whom I have such lovely memories of. I understand that Grandad used to work with the heavy horses in the days before tractors, so for me this picture is a wonderful find. He was married to Gladys (nee Smith) who was not a local girl, originally a Londoner. They had 6 children, Edgar (Gary), who has recently passed away, was my father. Are we sure about the date of this photograph because I know that after the Second World War, the family moved into Salisbury, when Grandad worked in the saw mill.  I understand that, as a carpenter, Grandad was involved in building the pews for the church, and believe that he also played in a Silver Band.
If anyone is interested I have some information recorded in the form of a life history of my father's experiences as a young child in Sixpenny Handley during the Second World War, which I undertook whilst studying for a degree. It provides a wonderful insight... Read more

Coombes of Church Farm

Church Farm c1950, Sixpenny Handley
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I believe my Great Grandparents Annie and Maurice (Frank) Coombes lived and farmed at Church Farm during the 1920s.  My father Thomas (Aubrey) Coombes used to spend most of his school holidays there as a boy. This was a very happy time in his life. Long summers helping his grandfather and being spoilt by grandmother Annie.  

When they gave up the farm, they moved a few doors down into The White House. Both are buried in the churchyard along with one of their sons who died as an infant.

Annie lived all her life in Sixpenny Handley where she was born, leaving only once to visit Salisbury for a day out!!

I am researching my family history, I understand that the Adams family in Handley are cousins of the Coombes.  Any information would be appreciated.

Does anyone remember the 'cheese making' competitions held in Handley in the 1930's and 40's.  My mother tells me a relative won the title for best cheese maker 3 years... Read more

Memories of Dorset

The Village School

I was the Head Teacher of the Cranborne First School from 1974-1978. The school was situated just off the square. It was a delightful little school and I have happy memories of my time there with my two teachers: Mrs Barbara Bayes and Mrs Gawman (who succeeded me as Head). Lord Salisbury was the Chairman of our Governors and occasionally I had to go to the Manor to discuss business with him. It was quite an experience being led by the butler to the large upstairs lounge to have a cup of tea with His Lordship. He would attend our special school events if he could. I remember him - a quite large man - on one occasion coming straight from the 'shoot' for our annual concert and because he was last to arrive and we thought he wasn't coming, he was obliged to sit on the only chair left - one of the children's infant chairs!

Cranborne in The Early Sixties

The Village 1954, Cranborne
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I lived in Cranborne for two years from November 1963. My father owned the shops at the far end of the terrace in this picture and the building immediately facing, although it was derelict at that time. My sister and I were enrolled in the local secondary school that had opened two months earlier.

Cranborne 1938

Wimborne Street 1939, Cranborne
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I was living at Cranborne where my father was the police sergeant. At the time of a crisis, members of the government came to stay with Lord Cranborne at the manor.
The  matter of security arose and it was decided a policeman should be on duty at all times as he would notice any strangers. Around the same period the massive German air ship flew over at a few 1000 feet. The Hindenberg; the largest thing I have ever seen in the sky.

The Shoe Shop

Wimborne Street 1954, Cranborne
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I am only 23, but I remember the shoe shop very well, as it belonged to my grandfather Alex Adams, and had been in the family for many years.  And I do believe the child being walked up the road is my mum Linda Bright, nee Adams, and her gran, my great-gran Emma Adams.  She would have been 2-3 years old.  


I was a pupil at Cranborne First School at the time of Ms Rogers and lived across the carpark at 9 Water Street. I remember ending up with prizes for cooking and mini garden and doing the show at the old village hall singing '1, 2, 3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive' and I became confused with which hand was my right one, lol. I also played Joseph. I remember when I moved there I managed to get in trouble with the local bobby within days as he came out of his house to find me in his garden on their swing and when he said it was not mine I told him it could not be his as he was too big. The main thing I remember was in 1973/74, I was playing with the phone outside the fire station (where my dad worked part time) and was put through to the police and I told them a story about a bad man who had my mum up... Read more

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