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Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre, Dance Hall c1955, Skegness

Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre, Dance Hall c1955, Skegness

Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre, Dance Hall c1955, Skegness Ref: S134019

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Memories of Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre, Dance Hall c1955, Skegness

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Carefree Childhood Days

Winthorpe Avenue c1960, Skegness
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I grew up in the Winthorpe area & recall strolling along the Avenue on our way to the beach. Holding tightly to my mothers hand it was always an exciting adventure. Clutching my bucket & spade I impatiently tugged my mum along eager to reach the sandy shore. As we approached the promenade I could taste the bitter sweetness of the salty air mingling with the irresistible aroma of malt vinegar emanating from the local fish & chip restaurant. Racing across the shimmering sands searching the rock pools for all manner of fascinating creatures. Digging & sifting the fine yet coarse grains between my fingers & tickling my toes. Splashing in the waves caressing the shoreline; sensing the rhythmn of the tides; in perfect accord with the elements. A symphony of mesmerising beauty punctuated by the shrill scream of the gulls- the soundtrack of my childhood. On our way home we would climb the staggered steps to the left of the photograph. Standing on tip-toe I would gaze at the... Read more

I'm Writing A Book About The Camp

Miners Welfare Holiday Centre c1955, Skegness
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Hello, I grew up on the Camp (and worked there) as did my mother before me. My family worked on the camp for 56 years until it was finally destroyed. I would love to hear from anyone who worked on the Camp as I am in the process of writing a book about the history of it and from the point of view of the staff. I am searching for certain photos to go into my book, particularly the Convalescent Home being built in 1927, also the El-Cubana building being built, and a nice photo of the skating ring. I am passionate that this social history should be recorded for future generations. My mum was Vallerie Bowmer (Eames), she was the housekeeper as was my grandmother Doris Eames before her. If you think you can help with my search please email me at - I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Happy Years

Miners Welfare Holiday Centre c1955, Skegness
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Memories of years 1953 to 1977 I spent every summer holiday between these years at the Derby Miners. Memorable moments. 1954......nearly drowned but the alarm was raised by Mr Ronnie Haycock who was a paraplegic miner sitting on the front of the bowling greens. I was swept out to sea with two others, we were washed off a sandbank just jumping over the waves. The sea was up to my knees, then I jumped and sank into several feet of water.I was rescued as were the other 2 by a Mr Pattison and a family friend Jeff Roberts.. spent a couple of hours being looked after by the nursing staff. Nothing notable except fabulous holidays and entertainment for the next few years until courting year, got marrield 1966. In 1955 I won the talent comp for the season. Being judged by Dennis Lotis and Peter Dulay (tellly producer from Opportunity Knocks). Got married 1966.Hhad 2 daughters and in 1971 we had a son. We loved to take the children to the camp... Read more

Butlins Staff 1976-`77

North Parade c1955, Skegness
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I had lost my son in a road accident and my marriage broke up. I was a qualified nurse and applied for the post of nurse at Butlins in 1976 (it was very hot that summer). I was the night nurse for two seasons. I met my present wife (Pauline) there (also a nurse from Portsmouth). I played golf every day at Northshore with the now 'Chuckle Brothers' who were at the 'Derby Miners'. Pauline and I used to go to the disco at the 'Goodfoot'. We got complimentary tickets for the Baron Knights, Norman Wisdom and Roy Walker. Happy days. Cliff Charlesworth

Remembering my Best Friend, Andy Gardiner

North Parade c1955, Skegness
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While studying at Westminster Technical College, Hotel School just off Victoria Street in London I became good friends with Andy Gardiner whose parents ran a small hotel, probably one of these pictured here, in the North Parade of the front at Skegness.

Andy invited me up at some point to meet his parents and sister, he being accompanied by his then lovely French girlfriend of whom I was terribly envious.

Later, during the Easter Holidays, we were to travel to the Rhine Valley, accompanied with his pal, Whigs. NEVER..I say NEVER travel in a threesome .. it is fatal as there inevitably comes a clash when one person sides with another, leaving one out. Nevertheless, despite the occasional blowout, we had a great trip sampling German wines in the famous cellars around Rüdesheim and Mainz.

After graduation Andy went to Munich where he had obtained a job at the Hotel Bayerischerhof, one of the city's premier luxury hotels. He suggested that I go with him and... Read more

Roseberry House

Was sent to Roseberry House in the early 80's I think, it was the first time away from mum and I cried the first few nights. It was mixed by that time; boys dorm one side of building, girls the other, we had bunk beds. I remember playing games, having little competitions, we were in teams with colours, got points for different activitys. I have fond memories because it was there I had my first boyfriend and kiss - think his name was Matthew. Often wandered what happened to him. After we said goodbye I cried and waved as he got off the bus in Mansfield Woodhouse. Places seemed so very far away when we were kids.


Hi. . . I also recall my time in the camp, I think it was around 57/58. I remember waving to my mum, crying as the bus pulled away. I went with my sister, 3 weeks was going to be a long time. I also recall the awful camel coats we all had to wear when all the girls went out with matching tartan hair ribbons. Can anyone remember going to Sunday school and we all had to sing "sunshine corner oh its jolly fine its for children under 99" ect. I remember the matron with her white uniform. There also was a member of staff we all called Nurse Olive. They always took us out on a lot of outings. I remember the weak hot chocolate we had at night before we went to the long dormitory; everything was regimental, but I suppose it had to be with about 40 or so girls. My time there was... Read more

Derbyshire Miners Holiday Centre

I have got a lot of photos of my grandad and mamma at Linconshire Derbyshire Miners Holiday Centre, now called camp. My grandad died when I was nine years old, my mamma when I was sixteen. My grandad Fred Armson was a parleytric (not very sure if I spelt that right). I have lots of photos of them on ther own and in groups. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.Thanks.

Holiday Home For Under Privileged Children

My father died in 1961 when I was 9 years old. I was told by Notts. Social Services I needed a holiday and was shipped off to a children's home in Skegness for 3 weeks. I cried when I got on the bus and waved goodbye to my mum.
Although the people were very kind, I ticked off each day and could not wait to return home. I remember going to church on a Sunday and we had to wear brown coats and brown and yellow hats. I also went to the Cinema and remember a film with Hayley Mills and Berl Ives and the song Ugly Bugs Ball. We had teams and I was the captain. We had the nit nurse check our hair but when it was my turn, they just passed me on. We slept in a dormitary and took part in activities.
Does anyone know what happened to the place and where exactly in Skegness was... Read more

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