Skegness, Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre, Dance Hall c.1955

Skegness, Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre, Dance Hall c.1955

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Memories of Skegness, Derbyshire Miners Welfare Holiday Centre, Dance Hall c1955

Happy Times

i spent lots of holidays at the miners holiday centre with my family i went on to work at dawdon colliery i visit skegness often but would like to go and revisit the centre what is it called now the chaletys were basic and we had great times in the ballroom march of the mods was a favourite

A memory of Skegness by william.oakley

Memories of Skegness


1978 at rosemary house

A memory of Skegness by n.seerey65

Holiday Home For Under Privileged Children

My father died in 1961 when I was 9 years old. I was told by Notts. Social Services I needed a holiday and was shipped off to a children's home in Skegness for 3 weeks. I cried when I got on the bus and waved goodbye to my mum. Although the people were very kind, I ticked off each day and could ...Read full memory

A memory of Skegness

Roseberry House

Was sent to Roseberry House in the early 80's I think, it was the first time away from mum and I cried the first few nights. It was mixed by that time; boys dorm one side of building, girls the other, we had bunk beds. I remember playing games, having little competitions, we were in teams with colours, got points for ...Read full memory

A memory of Skegness by Tracey Cutts

Many Happy Years

Memories of years 1953 to 1977 I spent every summer holiday between these years at the Derby Miners. Memorable moments. 1954......nearly drowned but the alarm was raised by Mr Ronnie Haycock who was a paraplegic miner sitting on the front of the bowling greens. I was swept out to sea with two others, we were washed off a ...Read full memory

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