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Cumbria memories

Halton Lea Gate Farm

Alston, my Birthplace

Although I can't remember Alston as a baby, I did revisit at the tender age of 10 years and can remember the impact the town had on me, knowing I was born there. I was shown the house we lived in, it was called Sunset View at the Butts if I remember correctly. I was also shown the hospital which I think was the cottage hospital. Most of all though I can't forget how picturesque the place was. We left Alston (I am told) when I was two or three years old but I can still relate to Alston as my home town. I do hope one day to revisit all the way from my home now in Australia before my memory fades too badly.

The War Years in Alston

I lived in Alston during the Second World War. My father was the manager of the foundry there. We left in 1948 I was 10 years old. I have visited many times over the years but am now finding it a difficult place to walk around with my rolling walker. I just love it there, I think the surrounding scenery is some of the best in the world.

Evacuation During WW2

My Mam was evacuated to Hallbankgate, Brampton for a short time during the Second World War. She stayed (with her little sister Marina and my Grandma) on the farm of brother and sisters Willy, Maggie and Betty Blaine (could be spelt Blain or Blane). They then kept in touch until Betty died (the last of the three). I can't remember the name of the farm and wonder if anyone in the area has any information?
Jane Gallagher

Croglin 1958

The Village c1955, Croglin
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When my husband and I married in March 1958, he bought the cottage nearest the camera on the left; no electricity, no cost the  princely sum of £300!
The building at the end of the street is the pub, and behind the trees on the right is the church and graveyard.  The trees have been felled now.  
In the other photo showing an oddly painted phonebox, the building just behind it was the shop and post office combined.  Vans came round from the co-op every week, and Jimmy Cranston the butcher came round too; he made wonderful sausages and brawn, and killed pigs locally.  Until the law stopped home butchering. When I last went there in 1988, I saw a van with his name on it, so the business was still going.  Roberstons bakers from Carlisle used to deliver bread and cakes, and the Lakeland Laundry man was a regular too; no washing machines, no fridges.  I had a copper boiler in the back scullery - the... Read more

November 5th 1954

I, at the tender age of fourteen, arrived in Croglin on November the 5th, 1954. It was 'Bonfire Night' and as strangers in the village I did not know a single soul. However the bonfire for the celebrations had been situated in the old quarry at the top end of the village and festivities commenced at about so my eldest sister and I ventured forth to meet the locals. The weather was reasonable for November and the bonfire was dry so a good start was made. Soon the local lads realised that there were strangers in the camp and approached to enquire who we were and were we the folks who had moved into Quarry Cottage, after an affirmitive reply we were really made welcome and the celebration became a memorable one for me.

Charlie Dixon, Jim Metcalf, Joe Thirlwall, Sylvia Marshal, are some of the first people I met in the village and have I had a life-long friendship with them all, sadly one of the ones... Read more

Bert Pattinson

This is really weird, I have come upon this web site by accident and just read about the girl who stayed with Bert Pattinson and I have visited Bert and Carol today. I will print off your letter and read it to him as I am back there tomorrow, he has a great memory and loves a chat, he will remember you for sure.

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