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Memories of Hampshire

Kingsley School Hampshire

I went to Kingsley School as an infant in 1978 and left before it closed, at some time in the 1980s. I remember the headmistress Mrs Morris, who became Mrs Vincent, who smoked in the classroom!, and the wicked infant teacher Mrs Caine who used to have a replica gun lighter in her draw and large knife to sharpen the pencils, she would threaten us all that she was going to shoot us or stab us! and we were only babies! The dinners were vile but we were forced to eat every last scrap even if we threw up on our plates! Even the cooks would go easy on the portions if they knew we didn't like what was on the menu. But despite the bad memories, I suppose there were some good times as well, just a shame that we weren't taught more about the school's history, and the visiting Father Eerica wasn't weird (later convicted for paedophilia!), it was a good job we all grew up ok I... Read more


1948,the year I started at Kingsley School. We lived in Oakhanger, but at Shortheath Common end so to kingsley I went on the back of my mothers bike. Dinner came in hay boxes on the back of a landrover from wherever - lots of stews and cabbage. In the winter, our milk was put next to the large fire at the end of the room to thaw out. Father Christmas came every Christmas and gave us all a present. We would go skating on the pond until two children were drowned(I think it was two - 64 years on not everything is as clear). We would go around the back of the Cricketers and watch Abbot and Costelo on their very small black and white TV, built into a very large box.

Life at The Triangle

The Village c1955, Lindford
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I too, lived in the Triangle and have very lovely memories of Mr Sewter the milkman who sold the most delicious orange juice, which you were only allowed when ill. And don't forget the horse and cart, Mr Heather the farmer who always wore leather spats, Mr Bone the coalman who lived on Lindford Bridge just passed the shell house (what happened to the shell house?) and Mr Weaver who sold lovely lardy cakes. I also attended the local chapel every Sunday where the Sunday School was lead by Mr & Mrs Payne who gave the most wonderful Christmas parties at Standford Church. My sister and I were quite a novelty as we were the only ethnic children to be seen for miles around, we had many good friends who are still in touch today. My family name was Carter and my uncle still lives in the village in Chase Road, he has occupied the house since it was built in the 1940's.

Cross Road Stores

The Village c1955, Lindford
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The store on the cross roads in Lindford was named Cross Road Stores. My parents bought Cross Road Stores in I think 1962-63 and ran the stores for about 4 years, the stores and the house were very old, I was about 7 or 8 years old when we moved to the stores. The house was 3 floors high, there was an extension built on the back of the house for a garage and a store room, and the garden at the rear which at that time went right up to the next house, which was owned by the milkman Mr Souter. In the rear garden there was an old green house and an apple orchard, some years later my father sold off most of the rear garden and a house was built on the ground. I have cine film my father took during our time in Lindford showing the 1963 snow and cars being pushed, and other times spent there. Happy times.

Cross Road Stores

The Village c1955, Lindford
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I lived at 49 "The Triangle" in the prefabs, just up the road from the stores past the Royal Exchange Pub, from about 1958 -1965. When I first moved there the store was owned by Mr Pears and we called it Pears's Stores. I was friends with Alan Jones whose parents owned the shop down the road to the right in the picture. I went to Mill Chase and 2 other schools in the area (I can't remember the names) from 1955 until I left school in 1960. Reading other comments from the area, I too remember the Butchers Shop, The Mill (I used to swim there) and the Fish & Chip shop where every Saturday we would have Fish & Chips and scratchings. They were little pieces of the batter etc. and they were free. Please get in touch if you remember me.

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