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North Parade c1950, Sleaford

North Parade c1950, Sleaford

North Parade c1950, Sleaford Ref: S483028

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Memories of North Parade c1950, Sleaford

My Husband´s Home

North Parade c1950, Sleaford
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My husband, Mike Kirton, lived in the second house on the right as a small boy with his parents and younger brother. A number of his family also lived on this stretch of the Parade. I moved to Sleaford in 1963, but lived further up the Parade at No 90. Even then it looked the same.

The Kirton Family Nth Pde

North Parade c1950, Sleaford
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I remember the Kirton family in North Pde, Sue. Mrs Kirton was a dressmaker, I remember the eldest son was in the army and I was at school with Paul. We lost touch when we left the Parade in 1966 when I was 16, but I have happy memories of living there all through my childhood years. Thanks for sharing Sue, kind regards Maria Veall

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West Banks

West Banks c1965, Sleaford
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The house with the bay window (31A) used to belong to my grandparents, Albert and Ivy Harrison, and the front room was used as a shop until my nan moved into number 37. I can't remember the exact year but my parents, Derek and Phyllis bought it after my nan moved across the river. It was the family home for many years for the Meikle family - my parents, myself and my two brothers and two sisters. Many a happy hour was spent in that house

Sleaford Secondary Modern School 1959-64

I am trying to recall a memory of a school religious play I appeared in as the lead part, Annas. Ray Pearson played the part of my son Caiphas. The play was filmed on Cine-camera & produced by Harry Ison the school Scripture teacher.

Sleaford County Secondary School

Hi there, Anyone out there who went to the Sec Mod from 1964 to 1970. I was in 1A1, etc all the way through the GCE classes. I was also Head Boy in 1969-70 (not much choice I know). Does anyone also remember the Christmas plays - my last role was Bill Sykes in Oliver and had a great time in other pantomimes in previous years. We had some great characters in the year - Richard Houghton, Kevin Savage, Phil Jones, Dave Yates, Geoff Godfrey, Les Enderby, Sandra Padley, Janet Blackburn, Rosemary Laing Morton to name just a few. I am sure there is someone out there who remembers our time at school. Mr Speechley, Mr. Trueman, Mr Rhodes, Mr Barlow, Mrs. Clarke et al.

Jubilee Grove Memories

I have very fond memories of staying with my grandparents Norman and Ivy Ralphs in 15 Jubilee Grove in the late 1970s and 1980s. My mother, my older sister and myself would visit in the school holidays and because we used to stay for a few days at a time, it was like a second home. Number 15 was on a corner and had a very large garden which included a fish pond and terrapin enclosure! Tommy the terrapin lived to be about fifty, I should think. Grandad had a workshop where he used to make clock cases, furniture and all sorts of thing with wood. Sadly, this was burned down in the late 1980s or early 1990s by arsonists. The house was very cold in the winter and we often used to admire the frost patterns on the window panes! I remember the Duthy (?) family who lived next door. They had a son, Walter about my age and whenever we were there he used to ask my sister and... Read more

Fun Times

i have fond memories of sleaford staying with my grand parents on st giles avenue , going to the wreck to play going swimming and best of all going to the market to see all the live stock .My dad would tell is all what he got up too as a child where he lived as a boy,jubilee road i think (ken gash). i have an old photo of my great grandad out side a public house in sleaford would love to know where about it is or if its still there

Sleaford in The 50`s.

I was a member of staff at Rauceby Hospital 1951 - 56 and have many memories of Sleaford at that time.
I was a member of the Sleaford weight lifting club which had a work - out room on the first floor of a building in the market square near the traffic lights.
I remember Gerry Cotterill who was tragically killed in a car accident.
I remember Frank Lakey who was the dental technician to Mr . McArthy whose son was a film actor Neil McArthy.
I remember the Newton brothers Jackie. Zed & Geoff.
I remember Pete Turner whose family owned a bakery in Town.
I remember Sir Joseph Godber being returned to parliament by beating Woodrow Wyatt and the announcement in Sleaford ,Market Place.
Cliff Charlesworth

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