Slough, High Street 1950

Slough, High Street 1950

Neg. S256003

Memories of Slough

Books In Wexham

My grandpa used to deliver books by bicycle from Burnham to the Old Cottage, Wrexham, before the First World War. He ran a booksearch agency.

A memory of Slough

Granada And Cop Shop

The Granada on the left and down the road, the new cop shop. On the right would have been Herschels house, demolished of course!

A memory of Slough by Dave Hill

My Grandparents' Pub

I remember the Shaggy Calf well, my grandparents Maurice and Beryl (Billy) Harris took over as landlords the day that I was born, 11 March 1958. It was always a popular pub, absolutely fantastic for a kid when my brothers ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Stephen Derrett

Harrington And Lake

My parents, Doug Harrington and Betty Lake, met in Slough and married in 1948. Does anyone remember them?

A memory of Slough

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Slough dates back to the 12th century, when it was a hamlet on the London to Bath road. The settlement later spread to the neighbouring parish of Stoke Poges.

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