Slough, High Street 1950

Slough, High Street 1950

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Memories of Slough

Harrington And Lake

My parents, Doug Harrington and Betty Lake, met in Slough and married in 1948. Does anyone remember them?

A memory of Slough

Adelphi Ballroom

I was an apprentice at the Rheostatic Co (later Satchwell Controls) from 59 to 64 and I was the apprentice's entertainments organiser from around 60 to 63 and I organised quarterly dances at the Adelphi Ballroom; they were ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Jim Bowens

St Marys Choir 1947 1954

I can't remember how I came to be a choir boy in the first place, but remember joining together with Ted Maving. I remember the Choir master was a Mr Treadwell - who was the church organist. He was also the manager of ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Anthony Rees

High Street As I Remember It

Looked the same when I returned in 1958 to Slough

A memory of Slough by Carolyn Babin