Slough, High Street 1950

Memories of Slough

Adelphi Ballroom

I was an apprentice at the Rheostatic Co (later Satchwell Controls) from 59 to 64 and I was the apprentice's entertainments organiser from around 60 to 63 and I organised quarterly dances at the Adelphi Ballroom; they were ...Read full memory

A memory of Slough by Jim Bowens

High Street As I Remember It

Looked the same when I returned in 1958 to Slough

A memory of Slough by Carolyn Babin

Harrington And Lake

My parents, Doug Harrington and Betty Lake, met in Slough and married in 1948. Does anyone remember them?

A memory of Slough

Coffee Bars

Was this the coffee bar on Windsor Road between the Crown and Granada. Oh what memories! Frothy coffee listening ro the juke box. Favourite was Nat King Cole and "Nature Boy". Spent so many happy evenings there.

A memory of Slough by oldcoldstream819
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Slough dates back to the 12th century, when it was a hamlet on the London to Bath road. The settlement later spread to the neighbouring parish of Stoke Poges.

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