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South Horrington Village

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Memories of South Horrington Village

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Somerset memories

I Lived at Beechbarrow

Beech Barrow, Romulus And Remus Monument 2004, Wells
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I think the date at 1974 is correct but I would have been 6 then!! We owned all of what is Beechbarrow now and as a young man I had the run of the place! I hope the beech walk is still there, I built my first tree house in there! It was on the other side from the barn that Ron Chard had. Ron Chard was the farmer that used the paddocks we had. His son Tom is hopefully running it now, if Ron is not. Romulus & Remus were just a part of life but the best was a little fish pond, as you go in on the right. There is a massive hole/cave in the garden to the left as you go in to Beechbarrow. I only saw it once but Dad and a friend put a paper feed bag down it alight, it was deep and O was not allowed to play there again. In1977 for the Queen's Silver Jubilee there was a big fire on Penn... Read more

A Wartime Reminder of Italian Prisoners of War

Beech Barrow, Romulus And Remus Monument 2004, Wells
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During the Second World War there was an Italian prisoner of war camp at Penleigh, on the outskirts of Wells in Somerset. The Italian POWS were put out to work on local farms, and one of them was Gaetano Celestra, who had been a sculptor and mason before the war. When a stray enemy bomb fell at Beech Barrow and damaged a wall belonging to the farm where he was working, he rebuilt it and asked the farmer for permission to sculpt a she-wolf suckling two children, Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome who were brought up by a wolf, to place on the wall to remind him of home. The monument is beside the A39 road from Bath to Wells, on the left hand side near the Mendip transmitter, approaching from the Bath direction. During their time in Somerset, long lasting friendships were made between the Italian POWs and local people, and marriages took place with local girls. A number of the Italian ex-POWs returned to Somerset... Read more

Scarlett Withies

My great-grandmother Mahala Willmott was born at a place called Scarlett Withies. Does anyone know where it was? The Willmotts lived on Church Street and later on Long Street.

Summerleaze Cottage, Wookey.

I have an old letter from a Miss P Hill who lived at Summerleaze Cottage in the mid sixties. Sadly, we lost touch. Does anyone know of Summerleaze Cottage, Wookey, please, or of Miss Hill? Thank you.

Where It Is Now

Cricket Pavilion 1899, Shepton Mallet
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I don't know when, but at some point the whole pavilion was moved to where it it still is, just behind Nat West and Philips' Tyres. It has been converted into a bungalow, but if you look closely you can see what it was. When we had our office there, it still had its little tower, but it leaked and the landlord took the easy option of removing it.

My Mum And Her Brother Were Evacuees in Pilton in Around 1944

Cricket Pavilion 1899, Shepton Mallet
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My mum, who is now 74, has just told me she was evacuated to Pilton from Surbiton in 1944. Mum remembers Mrs Eaterbrook and some very well-to-do ladies who were part of a Guild, linked with disabled people in Paddington (where her disabled father had been brought up). Mum remembers the church and walking across the fields from the farm cottage in which she was housed, to school. The farm had a big house at the top, and lots of local cottages. I don't think they stayed very long, but she has clear memories, and I would like to take her back to Pilton for a visit sometime.

Where Can The Grammar School Be?

The Grammar School 1899, Shepton Mallet
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At a guess! My visits to Shepton mallet were infrequent as I lived near Bristol as a child. But loved coming to see my Grandmother at no 1 Barren Down (mrs E A Crook)A school was at the back of her house, I wondered if it was the original grammar school? I was free to go beyond to the railway, and wave to the steam engine driver! My Mother was Ethel Rose Crook, I believe she married from barren Down, she had 11siblings originally, so we visited some of her sisters too, if we had the time. One Mrs Beatie Blinman at 10 Great Ostry,she was my Mothers bridesmaid in 1918!There was 6children in that family, Betty, Douglas,Stanley,Iris,Margaret, n Phyllis, and Uncle George Blinman was a builder.
MrsIvy Emery lived at the Batch so we usually managed to call on her too before getting the bus back to Bristol. I loved to go to Collett park, which was special because in the country we did'nt have a park!... Read more

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